Madhumita Bhattacharya Artist
Madhumita Bhattacharya


Art to me is akin to Worship… It is a medium of self-realization! Art is my greatest passion, my way of relaxation and my very existence..I feel Life, Spirituality and Art are integrated with each other… The Art of painting ‘Buddha’ comes to me naturally… I derive a lot of peace and solace by painting the calm and serene face of ‘Buddha’. As a child I thankfully got a chance to travel a lot across Sikkim, Bhutan ,Nepal , Darjeeling ,Dharamshala,Yol, Dehradoon…etc ..and visited many Buddhist Monastries..and interacted with lot of Bhuddhists…this gave me plenty of knowledge and also inspired me and brought me closer to BUDDHA…

‘Buddha’ is the epitome of sacrifice… HIS face has the expression of serenity, honesty and divinity laced with sense of fulfillment and salvation… I am attracted by the tranquility of his Divine Personality.

The Meditating Buddha in my paintings is not a MURTI or Statue but  a lively soul. I see him as a real person…..always. I dedicate my paintings to all my family and friends who have inspired me to take up the Brush and Paint… and bring out the Artist within me..!

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