Original Paintings

Abhiram Bairu

Artist Abhiram Bairu

Joined Craft Tatva:April 2023

My country side travels enhance my creativity expressions. I paint everything whatever observed in nature. My paintings are glimpse of village landscapes. I prefer acrylics. These acrylics on canvas reveal men and women, their life style, their emotional ups and downs, their day to day activities, their gossip sessions and so on. I follow the spatial arrangement, coloration and texture. The study of animals whatever I have observed in the vicinity of my house, particularly milch animals like goat and cow played an important role of economic life of rural environment. Whatever observed in the nature I will depict in my paintings like man and woman relaxing with gossips in the rural area.

Focus Areas: Rural Man, Woman , etc.

Artworks by Abhiram Bairu

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