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Abhishek Joshi

Abhishek Joshi

Joined Craft Tatva: March 2023

Phad painting was started in 10th century by our ancestors well known "Shahpura Joshi family" from 10th century and up to now our family is engaged continuously with this painting style. Phad painting style is very special genre of Mewar (Rajasthan) painting. In which the folk gods and goddesses are depicted with pictures. The pictures are read with music and described in detail with folk songs. At present phad paintings are being prepared on several subjects eg. life of legends, festivals, Functions, events and contemporary subjects. The method of phad preparation and material used :-The phad painting is completely handmade painting and based on natural colours. It is depicted on the canvas which is handmade cotton cloth and malt is used to keep it straight. The Hakik stone is also rubbed on this canvas for shining and finishing. The Colours are prepared with mercury mixed natural stones. The mercury stone is crushed for six months on grinding stone. Before using these colours gum and white mushli are mixed and after that they are used on canvas.

Focus Areas: Figures, Temple, etc.

Artworks by Abhishek Joshi

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