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Akshay Lushte

Artist Akshay Lushte

Joined Craft Tatva: December 2021

Hello, My Self Askhay Lushte first i want to say you thanks for visiting on my site. Let me explain you about me in short so you will get idea about you have come to the right place 🙂 I am Professional Fine artist from Mumbai , India. I have done specialization in realistic as well as modern creative art. I consider both of this art flows make a complete artist. In every art work I use to maintain the artistic visual uniqueness as I have studied classical features of paintings, I able to create any type of painting as per demand by my clients. I like to play with space and colors on canvas. I can make paintings in oil , acrylic, pastel, water color, pencil , charcoal etc. I believe my art is a gift given by a god to spread happiness everywhere.

Focus Areas: Religious, Gods, etc.

Artworks by Akshay Lushte

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