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Alpa Palkhiwala

Artist Alpa Palkhiwala

Joined Craft Tatva: February 2022

The freedom to express myself through my artworks had always kept me exhilarated and motivated me to keep creating more absorbing artworks. Recently my work is inspired from spiritual art. I have tried to give major significance to the Padmasana form with Jainism and Meditation. Meditation is the best way of soul realisation. Padmasana is a type of yoga introduced in ancient India. Padmasana is one of the best asanas in yoga. Pairing the mind, body and breath together gives our soul energy and peace. I have illuminated this energy in the artworks with my style. The idol of Jain God is structured in Padmasana form. I have blended the elements of Jainism with Padmasana and studied Jain Manuscript to make these paintings. In the artworks, I have painted canvas cloth using ink acrylic and graphite with a technique which gives the effect of etching. It looks like an etching print which I have created by hand. I have worked on different mediums like canvas, handmade paper and untextured canvas cloth. My paintings are around the titles Siddhachal, Girnar, Om-the eternal, the vision invisible, Bliss of Solitude and Conquer Yourself.

Focus Areas: Nature, Landscape, etc.

Artworks by Alpa Palkhiwala

About Alpa Palkhiwala

Academic :
1996: Commercial Art with Distinction from Sheth C. N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad and Bachelor of Arts with History

Solo Exhibitions
2006: Solo show “Energy of Women” at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad .
2015: Solo show ‘Circle-The Essence of Life’ at Gujarat state Lalitkala Academy, Ahmedabad
2021: Solo show “Padmasana -the silent explosion” in Ahmedabad ni gufa gallery.
2022: My upcoming group show held in Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Bombay.

Group Exhibitions
Participents and Selections

2010: Group show in Bhartiya kala Utsab All India Art and music festival in Kolkatta
2014: Group show in Gallery Green Kolkatta.
2019: ‘Creative Voyage’ group show organized by Art Life Gallery Noida.
2018: Invited in ‘Tranquil Life’ show on 25th Anniversary of the Society of Metropolitan gallery Chicago. Present our Indian yoga form in Chicago.
2017: ‘Shilpanjali’ group show organized by Gallery Green Kolkatta presents in Mumbai.
2015: Participent ‘season 1’ ‘ Ahmedabad ARTe’FAIR organized by Petal Foundation
2016: Participent ‘season 2’ Ahmedabad ARTe’FAIR organized by Petal Foundation.
2019: Participant in ‘Ahmadabad Shopping Festival’ organized by Vibrant Gujarat Federation
2019: Participant and live demo in HBLF show organize by Hardware Samachar Art destination Gandhinagar.
2020: Selection in online exhibition Savishkara Rajkot
2020: Participent in online exhibition Kalaprayati-Unite Against Coronavirus- Inventart Ahmedabad
2020: Selection in “For The Kisans” online National Exhibition of Art curated by White Rose movement Kochi
2020: Selection in “Love the Neighbour” online National Exhibition of Art curated by White Rose movement Kochi
2020: Selection in online exhibition “The Soul call” organize by Kadamb Art association with Rotary Club Chandigrah.
2021: Selection in The Bombay art society, 75 years of Art.
2021: Recently group show ‘verve’ organized by JITO jain international trade organization at Hutheesing visual art centre.
2022: My upcoming group show held in Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Bombay.

Camps Attended
1997: Sketching Tour to Udaipur- Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
1995: Sketching Tour to Ajanta – Ellora
2018: Attend workshop of “Life of Tirthankaras depicted in Jain style of Manuscripts” hosted by Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Musuem & N.C.Mehta Gallery, Gujarat

2019: Award of Navchitra Durga Puraskar by Lalit Kala, Pune
2020: Rewarded by Vishwarang Tagore International Literature and Art Festival Bhopal
2021: My Artwork selected in Bombay art society.
2006: Painting selected by Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2012: Painting selected by Gujarat state Lalit kala Academy, Ahmedabad

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