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Anand Panchal

Artist Anand Panchal

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

Born in Latur, Maharashtra, Anand Panchal is a critically acclaimed artist who studied at the J.J School of Art in Mumbai. Lyrical, rustic worlds take centre stage in Panchal’s acrylics on canvas. His incandescent art documents the enduring soul of India, as seen in its indigenous culture, beliefs and traditions. From capturing the simplicity of village life to the richness of Indian mythology, the artist displays great range, punctuating the figurative and symbolic elements with abstract spaces, making his paintings appear vast as well as intimate. Like the notes beguiling of a lilting, many-hued raga, Anand Panchal’s compositions are coloured in a radiant palette of brilliant reds, blues and ochres. The bold colours are balanced out perfectly with his signature technique of combining the smooth and the textured in his application of paint. His impasto knifework transforms into a finely blended surface seamlessly, creating depth in his works. With imagery that is poetic and magical, communicating the artist’s mastery of technique, Panchal’s artworks command a presence that lingers in your mind long after you look away.

Focus Areas: Ghat, Cities, etc.

Artworks by Anand Panchal

About Anand Panchal

DATE OF BIRTH 11th October, 1973, LATUR (M.S.) INDIA.


1997 – G.D. Art (Drawing & Painting). Abhinav Kala Mahavidhyalaya, PUNE
– Dip. A. Ed., Sir J.J. School of Art, MUMBAI.


1993-94 – Chitrakala Mahavidhyalaya, Annual Art Competition. 1994 – Nasik Kala Niketan, Annual Art Competition, Nasik. 1995 – Prize for Portrait, Wasim. 1996 – Merit Certificate for Portrait, “Bombay Art Society”. 1996 – Prize for Landscape, Roby D’Silva School of Art, Vasai. 1996-97 – Prize, Babalgaon State Art Competition. latur, 1996-97 – Merit Certificate for Portrait, “South Central Zone”, Nagpur. 1997 – Prize for Portrait, on the Spot Portrait Competition, Sangamner. 1997 – Prize for Portrait, Abhinav Kala Mahavidhyalaya, Annual Exhibition. Pune, 1998 – Prize, Sir J.J. School of Art, Annual Art Exhibition. MUMBAI.


1997 – Bal Gandharva Art Gallery. Pune. 1997 – Organized by Camel, Latur.
1998 – Chitrakala Mahavidhyalaya, Latur. 1998 – Shrirampur Art School.
1998-1999 & 2001 – Chitrangan Art School, Latur.


Br. V.V.Oke Smruti Art Exhibition, Pune. 1996 – Nasik Kala Niketan Art Competition, Nasik. 1996-97 – Art Society of India, Annual Art Exhibition, Mumbai. 1996-97 – Bombay Art Society, Mumbai. 1996-97 – South Central Zone, Nagpur. 1997 – Kalamela, Kolkatta. 1997 – Landscape Camp, Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai.


1996 – Crimson Art Gallery, BANGLORE.
2001 – Jahangir Art Gallery, MUMBAI.
2001 – Nehru Centre Art Gallery, MUMBAI.
2002 – Om Gallery, NEW DELHI.
2002 – Durga at Hacienda Art Gallery, MUMBAI.
2003 – Tao Art Gallery, MUMBAI.
2005 – Gallery Beyond, MUMBAI.
2005 – Gallery Space, HYDERABAD.
2005 – Vinnayasa Art Gallery, CHENNAI.
2006 – Renaissance Art Gallery, BANGLORE.
2009 – Jahangir Art Gallery, MUMBAI.
2012 – Gallery Artchill, Amber Palace, JAIPUR
2013 – Jahangir Art Gallery, MUMBAI.
2014 – Dhoomimal city Art Gallery, DELHI.
2015 – Global Art Fair DUBAI.
2015 – Kynkyny Art Gallery, BANGLORE.
2017 – Jahangir Art Gallery, MUMBAI.
2018 – World Art Dubai, DUBAI


1994 – Town Hall, LATUR. 1995-96 – Khushboo Art Gallery, PUNE. 1996 – Kalamela, KOLKATTA. 1996 – Chatak Monsoon Show, Nehru Centre. MUMBAI. 1997 – Monsoon Show, Jahangir Art Gallery. 1998 – Y.B. Chawan Art Gallery, MUMBAI. 1998 – Bajaj Art Gallery, MUMBAI. 1998 – Birla Art Gallery, MUMBAI. 1998 – Nehru Center Art Gallery, 1998 – Nehru Center Art Gallery, MUMBAI. 2000 – Saffron Art Gallery, HONG KONG. 2000 – Harmony Show 2000, Nehru Center MUMBAI. 2001 – Save the Children of India Auction, conducted by Bowring’s, NEW DELHI. 2001 – Art Land Present’s Art Show MUMBAI. 2002 – Akanksha Art Auction & Group Show, MUMBAI. 2002 – INTEX Colors on Canvas, DUBAI. 2003 – Akanksha Art Auction & Group Show, MUMBAI. 2003 – Crimson Art Gallery, BANGLORE. 2003 – ANTIQUANA Present’s Pratibimba, NEW DELHI. 2004 – TAO OF SHIVA, Tao Art Gallery, MUMBAI. 2005 – Hundred Contempary Indian Artist’s, ‘JOSS’, Kala Ghoda, MUMBAI. 2005 – Gallery Space, HYDERABAD. 2005 – Hope with Heart, Parkinson’s disease Foundation of India.2005 – Mobile Cre’ches, Gallery Beyond, MUMBAI. 2005-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14, CLOURS presented by Gallery Art Land at Prince of Wales Museum, MUMBAI. 2006 – Ye Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan, Art Konsult, DELHI. 2006 – Ye Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan, Gallery Beyond, MUMBAI. 2006 – Vinyasa Art Gallery, CHENNAI. 2006 – Juneja Art Gallery, JAIPUR. 2007 – “High on Art”, curated by Bhavna Kakar. 2007 – Art Show presented by Gallery Art Land at Majestic Hotel Tower, DUBAI. 2007 – “The Monsoon Show”, by Legacy Art Gallery. MUMBAI, 2008 – Fiidaa Art Present – Mystic Expression SINGAPORE, 2008 – MANAV’S MARVEL, Show at Jahangir Art Gallery, MUMBAI. 2008 – India on Canvas, Jr. hosted by Ambassador of France & Khushii. 2008 – Bank on Art at Gallery Rolland Alliance Francaise de, NEW DELHI, 2008 – Gallery Joie present ‘4ging Ahead’ Open Palm Court, NEW DELHI, 2008 – Multiple Sclerosis Society of India Presents ‘Gems 2008’, Hotel Park Sheraton & Towers at CHENNAI, 2009 – 2010 – 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015, Color of Life organized by Cancer Patient Aid Association at Symroza Art Gallery MUMBAI, 2010 – Painted Rhythm Art Gallery present’s Rhythm of Colour at Jahangir Art Gallery MUMBAI , 2010 – Jawaharlal Darda Kala Academy ‘Shlok’ art show, AURANGABAD. 2010 – Gallery Joie present ‘Leap Visual
Art Gallery’, NEW DELHI. 2010- Presented by Roymans Art Studio. Aviskar ‘East meets West’ Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings And Sculptures, Birla Academy of Art And Culture, KOLKATA. 2010 – Pink Ginger Art Gallery presents ‘Annual Art Show’ Jahangir Art Gallery MUMBAI. 2010 – Ray Art Gallery presents ‘The Capital’ at Open Palm Court Gallery, NEW DELHI. 2011 – Crimson the art resource presents ‘Quarter the Hatworks Boulevard at , BANGLORE 2011 – “LET ME LIVE”, show at the Oberoi GURGAON 2011 – “CENTURION” celebrating 100 years of dilli with colours Organized by Voice on Art, DELHI. 2012 – Kalakriti Art Gallery, HYDERABAD. -2012 & 2013 There is a plan for every child at PUNE 2012 – Vinyasa Art Gallery, CHENNAI. 2014 Lyrical Reflection curated by Samir Sarkar KOLKATTA . 2012- “Resonance” Dhoomimal Citi Gallery. NEW DELHI, 2012 & 2013 Group show organized by Gallery Art Zest at DUBAI. 2013 Artzest present Behind The Canvas DUBAI. 2015 Art For All Group show organized by Gallery Art Zest at DUBAI. Art zest present Across the Border Asia House LONDON. 2015 – fleeting words Kynkyny Art Gallery, BANGLORE, 2015 juneja Art Gallery JAIPUR. 2015 ART LOOT Khushii HYDERABAD. 2016 Group show “Mumbai Contemporaries” organized by Alankritha Art Gallery, 2016 Group show “Out of The Frame” organized by Alankritha Art Gallery, 2017 Alankritha Art Gallery, 2017 “Bangalore Royals Round Table 219” at Taj West End Art Corridor Bangalore, 2017 “Kalanand” Exhibition organized by Prafulla Foundation-Mumbai. 2017 Group show “Black & White” organized by Jamaat Art Gallery-Mumbai, 2017 Group show “Postage” organized by Artist Centre-Mumbai, 2017 Group show “Annual Art Loot” organized by Niten Mehta-Delhi, 2017 CRY Presents “Come Share My World” at Nehru Centre- Mumbai. 2017 “Chhotta Bat Badda Score” Mantra Art Gallery Ahmedabad, CPAA’s art Colours of Life 2018, 2019, Mumbai. Gallery Space Present STREAKS OF MODERNITY 2019, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation KARA Present’s Hyderabad, 2016,17,18,19. Art Dias Present’s State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad 2019. Champions of Change, A Multi Artist Exhibit, Curated By Arzan Khambatta, Tao Art Gallery, 2019 Mumbai, Galleryone Presents “ANTHOLOGY” group show, The club Aqua vesta, GURGAON 2020.


2003 Le Royal Meridian Camp, Mumbai, in June organized by Gallery Beyond & Gallery Art Resource Trust, MUMBAI.
2003 Oberoi Art Camp, in July, organized by Gallery Beyond & Gallery Art Resource Trust, MUMBAI.
2004 Le Royal Meridian Camp, organized by Gallery Beyond, MUMBAI.
2004 Oberoi Art Camp, organized by Gallery Beyond, MUMBAI.
2005 All India Artists Camp, organized by Juneja Art Gallery, JAIPUR.
2005 All India Artists Camp, organized by The Eye Within, KOLKATA.
2006 All India Artists Camp, organized by Mr. Charan Sharma, UDAIPUR.
2007 Art Camp at Jim Corrbet Park, organized by Roy Foundation, DELHI.
2007 Art Camp by Verna Art Gallery, Hyderabad on Star Cruise, Mumbai to Lakshwadeep.
2007 All India Artist Camp at Bangkok, THAILAND.
2008 All India Artist Camp, organized by ICI Gallery, Rajasthan at PRAGUE, Czech Republic.
2008 All India Artist Camp, organized by Pink Ginger Arts (Sunrise in Italy) ITALY.
2008 All India Artist Camp, organized by Baleshwar School of Art Baleshwar), ORISSA.
2008 All India Artist Camp, organized by “Puja Entertainment”, SWITZERLAND.
2010 All India Artist Camp, organized by “S & S Pvt Ltd” in association with “Wish Spring Hotel’ GOA.
2012 All India Artist Camp, organized by “Dhoomimal city gallery”, CHAINA.
2014 Artist Residency Camp at India House , NEPAL.
2015 All India Artist Camp, Shrem Group, co-ordinated by Charan Sharma GOA
2015 All India Artist Camp, organized by “Gallery artist mindz”, Puri ORISSA
2016 All India Artist Camp, Art For Impact organized by “Dr. Reddy”s Foundation”, HYDERABAD.
2016 All India Artist Camp, organized by “ RajasthanLalit Kala Academy” Jaipur at Mount Abu.
2017 KARA Festival ART Camp, All India Artist Camp, Art For Impact organized by “DrReddy”s Foundation”, HYDERABAD
2017 All India Artist Camp organized by “Vibe Art” Mauritius.
2018 All India Artist Camp ‘blurred perimeters’ organized by ‘Easel Artt” Kaziranga ASSAM.
2019 All India Artist Camp, Jawaharlal Darda Memorial Art Camp, Tadoba, NAGPUR.
2019 National Level Art Camp Presented By Art & Craft Collage, BALASORE.
2019 All India Artist Camp, Organized by Kesari Foundation, BANGKOK.
2019 CRY America has hosted charity event across America, Art Auction, New York-US.
2019 Melange jaipur edit, Celebrating Diversity Through Art, A Group Show by ARTISERA, JAIPUR.
2020 All India Artist Camp, Sundarban, WEST BENGAL.


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