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Ananda Das

Ananda Das

Joined Craft Tatva: February 2023

Ananda Das an internationally recognized illustrious Indian Painter, the son of eminent artist Lakshmi Narayan Das, was born in The City Of Joy , Calcutta. His first art teacher was his father, a renowned commercial artist. It was his father who through his artistic tips had guided him in the initial days of his career. Mr. Ananda began his training at the Bengal School Of Arts at the young age of fourteen. When aged 18, after realizing the futility of academic instruction he decided to experiment with his work alone thus emerged his unvanquished unique style winning him innumerable accolades, including several Gold Medals Of Honour . As a painter of several art forms of diverse styles he had received several prestigious scholarships for his ability. Thus emerging as a notable member of the Calcutta Painters Group. Mr. Ananda Das, starting his career in 1994 has never looked back ever. His works in different mediums, like water color, acrylic, oil, charcoal, and mix-media.Most of his paintings are based on realistic and figurative. The " Rickshaw Puller" series and " Varanasi " series are among the notable subjects of his work of art.

Focus Areas: Ghats, Temples, etc.

Artworks by Ananda Das

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