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Anil Kumar

Artist Anil Kumar

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

Since my childhood I was getting more and more absorbed with my surroundings I was in X standard and was about 16 years by then…I had painted a picture for a project – what war actually is to a child, when my father inspired me and helped me to in my project which contained two halves – first half with a child playing with crackers in a vivid festive atmosphere, lots of lights and colors crackers busting and child is so happy, the other half- the bombs tankers busting home and debris a big line, a very big line of refugees with sorrow and dust on faces waiting for food in rehabilitation center. There was a magazine my father had brought that day which contained all pictures of World War II all black and white prints in it… I was so absorbed in it as there were pictures of small children standing in line for food in rehabilitation centers amputated soldiers villages and towns demolished and pictures of nuclear holocaust… that magazine truly influenced my first painting.

Focus Areas: Woman, Gods, etc

Artworks by Anil Kumar

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