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Anindya Mukherjee

Artist Anindya Mukherjee

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2022

Born in Kolkata, India, Anindya Mukherjee earned his Diploma in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts (1995-1998). He has shown in both solo and group exhibitions all over India, including Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi. Self-motivated and jubilant with energy, he started devoting all his time to the pursuit of his artistic expressions on canvas. His brush excavates, discovers, and brings into focus the inner feelings of a woman and various expressions of faces. The colors used to paint women give them a vibrant and decorative look bold well defined brushstrokes are the characteristics of his works. He believes everything can be art; the matter is how you compose them onto the canvas. His works have been exhibited widely. The artist lives and works in Kolkata, India.

Focus Areas: Woman, Figures, etc.

Artworks by Anindya Mukherjee

About Anindya Mukherjee

Born: 7.12.1972
Education: B.Com. Cal University. 1993 D. V.A in painting from Academy Of Fine Art With 1’st class 1998.

1999: West Bengal State Art & Culture Exhibition.
2000: Exhibition Sponsored. ‘ K. C. DAS ’ Kolkata.
2000-2001: Indian Society Of Oriental Art kolkata.
2001: “Charukala Barshik Prodarshoni”.
2007: “Shyamal Dutta Roy” memorial Exhi-At “Akar –Prakar” Kolkata
2008: “Art Fair” organized “Habiart Foundation” Delhi, At “Ice Skating Rink” Kolkata.
2008-2009: “Annual All India Fine Art Exhi” At Academy.

Solo Exhibition
2008: “Taj Bengal Hotels”. South City Mall .2010 “Taj Hotels”2015.

Group Show
2001-2004: Group Show at “Academy Of Fine Art”, Kolkata.
2003 & 2004: Group Show at “Metropoliton Art Salon”Kolkata.
2004: Group Exhibition at “Artist Circle” Kolkata.
2005: Group Exhi. organize by “United Nations Womens Association” & “E-Painting Art Gallery” Friends Colony, New Delhi. Group Show At “Lokayata Art Gallery” New Delhi.
2006: Group Show At “Gallery Jodh” Chandigar. Group Exhi. At “India Habitat Centre” New Delhi.
2007: Exhibition at “Satluj Club” Ludhiana. Exhibition at “Shanta Art Gallery” New Delhi. Group Exhi. At “Academy Of Fine Art” Organised by A1 Art Gallery, Kolkata.
2007&2009: Gallery “Chemould” Kolkata.
2008: Exhibition Organised “I.N.F.A.C” At Academy, Kolkata. “Bajaj Art Gallery” Mumbai.
2009: “An Artsan” Presents Exhi. At “I T C SONAR” Kolkata. “Red Dot Art” Gallery, New Delhi. “Emami Art Walk” At South City Mall Kolkata.
2010 & 2013: Nehru Centre. Mumbai.& Jehangir Art Gallery

Work Shop:
At “Swabhumi” (2004), At Kolkata Book Fair (2005), Art Camp At Saltlake Organised “I. N. F. A. C. “(2006&2007), Birla Academy Kala Mela(2006).

Many Private Collection In India And Abroad.

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