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Anup Kr Sarma

Artist Anup Kr Sarma

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

Playing with colours has been a great love for me since early childhood. I like to roam about in my own world. Searching everyone through my paintings, searching their pain, feels their love.I always try to simplify the images which looms over my inner world by lines, colours and textures and give a live them. I used to draw black & white drawings. The black colours is my favourite because it has great depth in it and its ability to express the thought and feelings is infinite. In my painting I try to portray my express in life those humble moments when you miss your heartbeat for once. Those thill, in a real and sometimes in abstract forms. I assess myself through my own paintings and drawings experiment with the sensitiveness of its line, its examining the significance of each character, single or multifaceted. There is neither story nor any narration in my paintings. Only the offline and fountains of colours textures and forms.There you will get the privileged to find my own picture moulded to some of my own forms. I used my colours, textures, lines just as I choose, I feel. It is my delight, its my ecstasy. I try to present in a symbolic way the aloneyness that is inherent in everybody fighting to make it free. My painting is my biography, my identity and inner perfection of my mind and soul. I always fine others map of mind in my art.

Focus Areas: Impressionism

Artworks by Anup Kr Sarma

About Anup Kr Sarma

Group Exhibition:

 (1985-1990)Annual exhibition of Govt. Art college, Ghy-9,
 1989 State Museum, Ghy-1
 1991 Rashtriya Kala Mela, New Delhi.
 20th and 21st Annual Exhibition, AFACS, Assam.
 Fine Arts Exhibition 31st Dec to 2nd Tan.’ 91) organized by College of Vety Science, Ghy-22.
 5th All India Exhibition 1992, organized by SCZCC, Nagpur.
 Group Exhibition of Rupvarman, Lakhimpur Fine Art Society at State Art Gallery in 1995.
 1997, 10th Rashtriya Kala Mela, New Delhi.
 1993, MFFA Exhibition of Painting at DINGDI ART GALLERY (organized by Mizoram Academy of Fine Art)
 1994 to 1998 Annual Exhibition of Rupvarnam Fine Art Society at State art gallery.
 Millennium All India Art Exhibition at Kalakshetra Assam-2000)
 ART FEST 1998, organized by Rotary Club, Guwahati.
 Art panorama North East 2001 organised by North East Zone Cultural center Collabortation with Lalit Kala Academy, at New Delhi (26th Ocft. To 15th Nov. 2001)
 74th Annual All India Exhibition (State level) at Kalakshetra (9th to 19th Oct’ 2001).
 75th Annual All India Art Exhibition (State level) at Kalakshetra (9TH TO 19TH Oct’2002).
 76th Annual All India Art Exhibition (State Level) at Kalakshetra(9th to 19th Oct’ 2003).
 Painting and Sculpture Exhibition 2000 organized by Rupvarnam, Lakhimpur Fine Arts Society at Earth Song.
 Exhibition of Painting & Sculptures at Earth Song (7th to 11th August 2003.)
 New year Art Exhibition at Kalakshetra in 2006, 2007 and 2008.
 An Exhibition of painting & Sculptures at Lalit Kala Academy Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi 20th August 2003.)
 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th North East Art Exhibition at Sankardev Kalakshetra 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.
 Group Exhibition At Lalit Kala Art Gallery, new Delhi(Oct2005)
 Group shows at State Art Gallery Guwahati (2nd Jan to 8th Jan2009)
 Group Shows at state Art Gallery Guwahati (16th, 21st Nov 2009)
 National Painting exhibition art Jorhat Fine Art Society Art Gallery 2017,
 The Bridge (The Creative Journey) Group show at Mumbai (26th to 29th March 2018.
 5th International art symposium art Athens (22nd to 27th Apl. 2018
 State level Art Exhibition cum Competition at State Art Gallery (Organized by Directorate of Cultural Affairs) 23rd to 29th March 2009.

Double Exhibitions:

 Exhibition of Painting (1990) at State Art Gallery.
 1991 Painting , Graphic and Drawing Exhibition at District Library. No. Lakhimpur.

Solo Exhibitions:

 1992, 1993, 1997 at State Art Gallery, Guwahati-1
 1999 Eart Song, Guwahati

Artist Camp:

 Easterm Zonnal Kala Chatra Chitrrakari Karmashala (organized by EZCC, Calcutta at Patna).
 Artist Camp 97 at AFACS, Assam
 All Assam Artist Camp, N Lakhimpur 1998.
 Reginal Mixed Media Camp 2005 at Imphal (Organized by Rastriya Lalit Kala Academy 4 Deptt. of and Cultural Manipur )
 Senior Artist Workshop at Shilpagram Ghy-37 (2009)
 National Workshop at Kalakshetra 2015
 State Level art workshop organized by CPIM at Machkhowa.
 Sundry (a day long art workshop 2017.
 5th Athens art Fair at Athens (22-27 Apl 2018 (organized by ZERVAS ART CLUB.


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