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Aparna Rajapandian

Artist Aparna Rajapandian

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

Aparna Rajapandian is a science graduate who has worked with NGOs teaching children Science, Mathematics and English Literature. She is a published author with Manda and Oxigle Publications. She is a self taught artist. Art to me is cathartic. I find in it a conduit of expression that is all encompassing. Women and animals often people my work as I am inspired by the empathy I feel towards them. Inspiration as such comes from everything around me,from subtlety to the blatantly in your face obvious, from beauty and the beastly. Your art strangely reflects as to who you are or what you are to become. I am slowly beginning to believe in the artist in me and that belief has me curious and excited about the future. Art is creation and playing creator, enlightening and empowering.

Focus Areas: Art of women around the world with their deep inherent values and culture. 

Artworks by Aparna Rajapandian

About Aparna Rajapandian

Achievements and Exhibitions:

Artist with Swasti, the contemporary art gallery.
Solo show at DyuArtCafe

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