Religious Paintings

Arjun Das

Artist Arjun Das

Joined Craft Tatva: May 2021

An Indian artist from Jharkhand. He has immersed himself entirely into Art to create magnificent pieces of Indian Paintings. His masterworks can be witnessed in three genres of art namely, Rainy day, Figurative and Religious. The magnificent Creations of This artist include, but are not limited to, Abstract, Realistic Painting and Unlimited Contemporary and Spiritual Artworks. Among all, his zeal for Reformulating the world of artistry can be observed through the glorious painting of Lord Krishna, lord Buddha, Banaras and Rainy day. Arjun loves experimenting with his art techniques and uses different tools, such as life Rollers and spatula, to Create unique effects and texture on his Art works.

Focus Areas: Krishna, Ghats, etc.

Artworks by Arjun Das

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