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Arvind Kolapkar

Artist Arvind Kolapkar

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

Born in 1975 in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, Arvind Kolapkar’s works are bright, happy expressions of joyous unions. In most of his paintings, one observes an amorous couple or groups of friends enjoying each other’s company, giving his work the appearance of a tribute to the relationships that people share. Arvind is greatly inspired by music, particularly classical and folk music which has played a predominant role in his work. A flute is a constant motif, appearing in almost all of his canvases, provoking one to make references to the mythical Krishna and his idyllic world of joy.

Focus Areas: Couples, Figures, etc.

Artworks by Arvind Kolapkar

About Arvind Kolapkar


2000 DIP – A – ED Diploma (At Abhinav kala Mahavidyalaya, tilak road, Pune)

1999 G. D. Art Diploma (Rank – 3rd with distinction)

1993 A. T. D. Diploma (1st in class)



2011 Dubai art Gallery, Dubai

2011 Indiamartneavenue gallery, Delhi

2009 Indian art collectors on line gallery show

2009 Alankritha art Gallery, Hyderabad
2008 Atelier art Gallery, world trade center, Mumbai

2007 Alankritha art Gallery, Hyderabad
2006 Art entrance gallery, Mumbai
2006 Malaka spice Gallery, Pune
2005 Charizma Art Gallery, Pune
2004 Malaka Spice Gallery, Pune
2003 Malaka Spice Gallery, Pune
2003 Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai



2011 Artflute gallery

2010 Transcending borders II-dhaka, Bangladesh

2010 3blindmise gallery show, Mumbai

2010 Gallery52d – freedom exhibition

2009 Gallery hues show

2008 Singapore Show

2008 Satguru arts organize show

2008 Corporate taster event-org. art show London

2006 Singapore art gallery, Singapore (Singapore Art Festival)

2004-05 Singapore Show

2001 Hollyday Inn, Pune

2000 Heritage Art Gallery, Ahmedabad

2000 Nehru Centre Circular Art Gallery, Mumbai

1999 Hollyday Inn, Pune

1996 Rama International, Aurangabad



2001 V. V. Oak Smruti Portrait 1st Award

2000 Chitari Art Foundation Portrait Award

2000 V. V. Oak Smruti Portrait Certificate

1998 Nasik Kala Niketan Portrait 1st Certificate

1997 South Central Zone Nagpur 3rd Award

1996 Nasik Kala Niketan Portrait Award

1995 International Cartoon Competition Award

1994 Annual Art Exhibition Portrait 1st Award. (Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya Competition)

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