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Arvind Mahajan

Artist Arvind Mahajan

Joined Craft Tatva: October 2021

Arvind Mahajan is an Indian artist from Pune, Maharashtra. Artist has refined the Indian paintings and does portraits that are living. His choice of colors is unique which adds an amazing character to his artworks. His works have a fertile imagination which gives a boost to his creativity on canvas. His works convey emotions, expressions, feelings and experiences with finesse. Artist has participated in various exhibitions across India and won numerous awards in his forte.

Focus Areas: Figures

Artworks by Arvind Mahajan

About Arvind Mahajan

Place of Birth : Bruhanpur ( M.P)

Qualification : Govt. Diploma in Arts Painting ) in Bharati Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. ( 2000 – 2001)

Award : 2000 Maharashtra State Art Exhibition Award.
2001 V.V. Oak Prize, Pune.
2002 Merit Certificate – S.C.Z., Nagpur
2004 Chitari Academy of Fine Arts, Pune Award in Painting.
2005 Art Society of India, Taw Gallery Award, Mumbai.

Group Show: 2001 Monsoon Show Sponsored by Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2001 Artist Colony at Hotel Sun & Sand, Pune.
2003 Art India in Pune.
2005 . The Nag Foundation org. Art Festival Present Artist Mr. Jehagir Sabavala, Pune.
2006 All India Art Exhibition Organized by Kala Dhirga. Patna
2006 / 07 Birla Academy, Calcatta.
2010 jehangir art gallery
2014 bal gandharva art gallery

2011 jahangir art gallery
2017 global art fair Mumbai
2018 global art fair Mumbai

Solo Show : 2008 Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai. ~

2013 ’ Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai

Work Shop : 2004 Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.
2011 art 2day
2020 National camp Udaipur


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