Original Paintings

Ashmita Biswas

Artist Ashmita Biswas

Joined Craft Tatva: October 2021

I believe that art is my fragrance of existence. I love to play with colours and textures. Women centric issues, body positively are the subject of my painting. I work with acrylic and mixed media in my painting. I am choosing my I subject based on my experience and feelings which gives me various impressions at different time. l am always interested in a discovery process in art making rather than working for something I am familiar with. Also want to express internal feelings and thoughts in my works. So sometimes I don’t need subject. I find many kinds of innovative forms of objects that use everyday. My painting have asymbolic equality and I use bright, symbolic colour and textural surface for the execution of painting. I have always been very interested in conceptual art photography I find it fascinating and satisfying. And i experiment with different styles and techniques utill I find my own unique artistic expression.

Focus Areas: Ghat, Cities, etc.

Artworks by Ashmita Biswas

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