Original Paintings

Ayanish Baul

Artist Ayanish Baul

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

Ayanish Baul is an Indian artist from West Bengal, predominantly works with watercolors. Participated in various exhibitions across India and won numerous awards in his forte.

Focus Areas: Birds, Nature, etc.

Artworks by Ayanish Baul

About Ayanish Baul

Academic qualification:

One year certificate course of APPLIED Art (2005-06) Academy of Fine Arts.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (2006-10) Rabindra Bharati University.

Work Experience:

Specialized in teaching more areas of art and craft work, such as illustration, book illustration and commercial art.
Planning and supervision of student contest and arranging of art exhibits and provides support in classrooms.

Key responsibilities handled:

1. Teaching the fundamental principles of art history.
2. Guiding the students on various arts and crafts as well as developing the creativity of students.
3. Giving information on various arts and craft work genres to the students.
4. Good understanding of students and their behavior.
5. To arrange art competition on various art forms.
6. High ability to explain
7. Ability to collaborate with other teachers.
8. High self confidence.

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