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B V Nalakar

B V Nalakar

Joined Craft Tatva: January 2023

Artist B.V.Nalakar who describes his work as a combination of realism and impressionism sets out to capture the architectural heritage of India with his forts and palaces in this series. He paints varnashi Rajasthani buildings milling with the natives of the reign in their bright attire he does not focus on the sculptural details rather he pays attention to the form of the building itself and the way light and shadow play out on its form . “I have studied so far the Mughal, Indo-Afghani and Indo saracenic architecture through my paintings. These buildings may not last another century so my objective is to preserve them through art” says Nalakar. The emperors and kings of this country have built several monuments, temples and tombs as a record of their victorious ruling and also as token of their government .In course of time, they all have become the past glory it is necessary to preserve these monuments of history and also for the future generation. B.V.Nalakar of Haveri is busy preserving these monuments through his art works and paintings for the generation.

Focus Areas: Figures, Faces, etc.

Artworks by B V Nalakar

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