Acrylic Paintings

Bappa Bhowmik

Artist Bappa Bhowmik

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2021

An Indian artist from Kolkata. Exihibit his work in various national exhibitions an art bid professional gold awards winner.

Focus Areas: Face, Figures, Animals, etc.

Artworks by Bappa Bhowmik

About Bappa Bhowmik

Work Experience:

Illustrator in Udbodhan International Magazine from Belur Math since 2014. Illustrator in Udbodhan monthly Magazine story since 2014. Land art presentation Victoria ground 2019. Bangla Biennale Art Presentation (Komdhara) 2019.

Art Workshops since 2009 under Birla Group Of Industries ‘art projects. Narrative Movement International Art Group, Camel Industries Pvt. Ltd. Faber-Castell Art workshops.
West Bengal Government sponsored various art-related projects. Puja Parikrama Judgment – Times Of India 2009-2016.
Asian Paints Puja Parikrama Judgment 2019.

Puja Parikrama 2016 International Judgment Youth Guild For Friendship Russian Cultural Center, Gorkhy Sadan 2015-2017

Hindu Paper Art Event Judgment since 2015.

Awards Won:

Art Bid Professional Gold Award, 2020.


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