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Bela Mardia

Bela Mardia

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2022

I'm based in Mumbai. I've been an artist flirting with various media of art, be it painting on canvas, ceramic, photography or miniatured Meenakari paintings all the way from my roots in Rajasthan, I have dappled with everything under the sun. I'm a self taught artist, & have worked on several paintings in the last seven years. I have done exhibitions in many art galleries of Mumbai. I work on canvas & paper, with different mediums like oil, water & acrylic paints. I make abstracts, realistic,portraits, landscapes using brushes or knives. I draw inspiration for building my work from the beauty around me, for what is beauty if not in romance, art & poetry? I live as long as my art beats.

Focus Areas: Abstracts

Artworks by Bela Mardia

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