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Bishwaranjan Bhunia

Artist Bishwaranjan Bhunia

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

A talented, passionate and hardworking artist who has a long track record of creating original pieces of artwork, through a variety of mediums. Bishwaranjan comes to you from a strong artistic background, with a history of excellent craftsmanship and with the ability to create art for either sale or exhibition. He can work with a wide variety of materials such as stone, glass, clay and metal to create superb works. To him the customer’s needs are his number one focus, and to this end he works hard to stay current with the latest artistic tools and technologies. Right now he is looking for an opportunity to work for an exciting organization that is keen to employ artists who have excellent creative, technical and visual skills.

Focus Areas: Ghat, Religious, etc.

Artworks by Bishwaranjan Bhunia

About Bishwaranjan Bhunia


ARTIST – 2010-2012

Employer’s name – Kim’s Craft

Responsible for producing stunning, high quality artwork and tea shirt painting.


  • Assisting in the development of artistic content across numerous
  • Developing
  • Drawing landscapes and portraits pieces of
  • Creating high quality, photo real images of characters and
  • Drawing pictures that are to be used in books, magazines and
  • Communicating with gallery owners, curators, sculptors and other
  • Attending art
  • Displaying art in galleries and


Art and Design skills

  • Knowledge of cutting-edge art In depth understanding of game design practices. Personal
  • A creative thinker who can come up with unique and innovative designs


Artwork Sketching Painting Texturing Fine Art


National Art Icon 2017.


2019 ‘Kalaa Spandan Art Fair, Mumbai.

2019 ‘Art Fiesta, Jaipur.

2018 ‘ Kala Mahotsav, Jaipur.

2018 ‘India Art Festival, Mumbai.

2017 ‘INDEX’, World Trade Centre, Dubai.

2016 ‘April Sonata’, An Yahh Art gallery, New Delhi.

2015 India Art Festival, Mumbai.

2014 ‘Women,Mother,Goddness’ AnYahh Art Gallery, New Delhi.

2014 ‘solo Show’ Anyahh Art Gallery, New Delhi.

2013 ‘Art Scapes 3’ Radisson Hotel, Ludhiana.

2011 ‘ Kala Sangam’, Miele, New Delhi.

2008 Group Show, AIFACS, New Delhi

2002 Group Exhibition, Travancore Place, New Delhi.

2000 ‘Samhita’, Collage of Art, New Delhi.


Artwork Sketching Painting Texturing Fine Art


High School- Shivnagar Mokshada Sundari Vidyamandir.

Diploma in fine art- Sundarban Art Academy, 2003-04, West Bengal.

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