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Chandra Bhushan Srivastava

Chandra Bhushan Srivastava

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2022

Chandra Bhushan Srivastava is an Indian artist from Bihar, who predominantly works with acrylics. Participated in various exhibitions across India and won numerous awards in his forte.

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Artworks by Chandra Bhushan Srivastava

About Chandra Bhushan Srivastava

Educational Qualification
MASTER OF ART, (Drawing & Painting). (Batch- 2000 to 2002) KNPG Collage, Gyanpur Bhadoi, UP, India

Ph.D.-, Purvanchal University (U.P.) (Batch- 2002 to 2006) KNPG Collage, Gyanpur Bhadoi, UP, India

Work Experience
Ex. Principal of College o Art & Craft, Patna University -Bihar, India ( from 2012 to 2017)

Art Coordinator, Bihar Museum, Patna, Bihar, India in year- 2015.

President Bihar Museum Art coordination Committee, Art Culture and Youth Department, Gov. of Bihar, India in year- 2015.

B-Voc Education Coordinator, Central University South Bihar, Gaya, Bihar, India in year-2015.

President Art Program, Higher Education Department, Gov. of Bihar, India (2015)

Assistant Professor, College Of Art & craft, Patna University, Patna, Bihar, India (2012 to till date)

Drawing Teacher, Kendriya Vidyalaya (Chopan,Mau, Balia) UP, India (from 2009 to 20011)

Assistant Professor in Department of Painting, Bharti Mahila PG Collage, Jaunpur , UP, India (from 2007 to 2008)

Drawing Teacher, DPMS moral Public School, Sitamadhi, Bhadoi, UP, India (2006 to 2007)

Freelance Artist, National Lalit Kala Academy, Regional Centre, Lucknow, India ( from 2003 to 2005)

Art Activity
District level Art competition on 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by State Lalit kala Academy in year-2018.

Organized and co-ordinate wall Painting at Patna University in year-2018.

Presentation of lecture on the Theme of ’Jeevan Ke Rang Kala ke Sang’’ on the occasion of foundation day of State Lalit Kala Academy in year-2018.

Organized poster competition for applied art student at Sanjay Gandhi biological garden on the occasion of ‘world life week’ in year- 2018.

Participation at 4th national level art camp at Jamshedpur organized by- ’OFF THE WALL’ in year-2017.

Invited as jury member by Sanjay Gandhi biological garden Patna for spot painting competition in year-2012.

Organized Debate and drawing competition on Energy conservation at college of Arts & Crafts for graduate students in collaboration with Bihar Renewable Energy Development agency, Bihar Govt. on the occasion of ’Urja Diwas’ in year-

Organized Awareness program on HIV/AIDS and Poster competition at college campus in collaboration of ‘’Mukta Charitable Foundation in year-2012.

Made life size portrait of Shri Anugrah Narayan Singh of Bihar vidhan Parishad

Appreciation letter by secretary of state lalit kala academy for successfully Completion of summer camp in collaboration with state Lalit kala academy and kala Sangam Ghazipur in year-

Activities in Other Fields

Worked as patrolling EVM collecting as Magistrate for- Lok Sabha General Election, Bihar in year- 2019.

Guidance for making Logo of Bihar state education finance corporation ltd.

Invited as Evaluator of Painting Practical Paper of MFA 4th semester by Department of fine arts, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth in year- 2018.

Worked as a Organiser of district youth festival by district sports officer committee, Patna in year-

Conducted a lecture cum demonstration of Art at IIT Patna in year- 2018.

Appointed as Part time co-ordinator for B. Voc Programme at CUSB Gaya campus in year- 2015.

Served Service as Principal at Accredited college of Arts & Crafts work NAAC in year- 2015.

Worked as a member of organising committee of Bihar sub junior sports meet ‘Tarang’ in year- 2014.

Organised blood donation camp as NSS as a Programme officer in year- 2013.

Organised women empowerment as NNS programme officer in year-2013.

Attended orientation & training programme at Kolkata.

Organised cultural programme at Patna college on 15th August 2012.

Organised Tree plantation programme as NNS programme officer in year-2012.

Organised cultural programme at Patna University as NNS programme officers in year- 2012.

Organised Awareness Programme on HIV/AIDS at NSS & Mukta Charitable foundation.

Participated Workshops/ Camp ( National)
National Print Makers Camp, organized by JKK, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Bihar Divas Painting National Workshop organized by Collage of arts and Crafts Patna, Bihar

Artist camp organized by I.C.C.R. VARANASI U.P. India in year- 2012.

Artist camp organized by Anand-One Varanasi U.P. India in year- 2012.

State Level Painting Camp organized by kala sangam ghazipur U.P.India in year- 2009.

All India Artist Camp organized by Jai Prakash Shodh Sansthan, New Delhi in year-2003.

State Level Painting Camp Allahabad organized by U.P. State Lalit Kala Academy,Lucknow in year- 2003.

Committee Member
Invited by B.P.S.E as a committee member for preparing Answer sheet for written paper of selection of LECTURER in Govt. training college in year-

Member of judging committee for cultural event for visual art of L.N.MITHILA University in Year-

Member of selection committee for CCRT of Bihar & Jharkhand in year-

Nominated as panel judge for Spot Painting Competition organized by Bihar state Pollution Control Board in year- 2017.

Worked as a contractor for various developments works in Patna university in year- 2017.

Member of exhibition committee, Patna University library.

Member of committee for receiving PM Narendra Modi at Patna University for centenary celebration of Patna university in year-

Appointed jury member at national art competition by Bihar State Council for Child Welfare in year- 2017.

Member of meeting of (L.P.P.M.C) UGC, Human Resource Development Centre, Patna University for financial year 2014-16.

Member of state level selection committee, Bihar

Shilp Guru Award by ministry of textiles Govt. of India in year- 2015.

Member of national Apex Committee for national gallery of Modern Art.

Member of sports and fine arts committee of Patna Law College, Patna University.

Member of department of Art & culture, Govt. of Bihar for Mithila Painting Certificate course.

Committee member of department of Education Bihar Govt. on the occasion of Bihar Diwas in year-2015.

Member of Shilp guru Award (state level selection committee) by Ministry of textiles Govt. of India in year-2014.

As president of scrutiny committee of state level Art competition on occasion of Bihar Shram Unmoolan Diwas by Govt. of Bihar in year-2015.

Member of Art activities committee on the occasion of Bihar Diwas in year- 2015.

Member of meeting of Bihar Diwas by department of Education Govt., Bihar in year 2014.

Invited for Question Paper setting of Bihar School Examination Board in year- 2014.

Invited as member of Expert committee (B.Voc to attend meeting at CUSB.

Appointed jury member of Art competition on occasion of Energy Conservation Day by BERDA, Govt. of Bihar.

Member of Home Allotment committee of Patna University in year- 2013.

Member of selecting tender for making of Big Buddha statue 70 (feet)GHODA Katora Rajgir by ministry of tourism Govt. of Bihar Under chief secretary of Bihar in year-

Participated Seminar ( National)
National Seminar on sculpture of God sunray in Vedic literature organized by National Research of Human culture, Varanasi, India in year- 2007 .

National Seminar on traditional art of Varanasi organized by national research institute of human culture Varanasi in year- 2006.

International Participation
After 70, 1st international art Workshop cum Exhibition, Bodh Gaya, India in year- 2015.

Colors and OlySWSmpysium, 3rd Beijing international art Biennale, China in year- 2008.

Art action-08 international art exhibition, Mauritius in year- 2008.

2nd Beijing international art biennale china in year- 2005.

Exhibitions Participated
A Group Exhibition of paintings Easel Gallery Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India in year-2013.

A Group Exhibition of paintings organized by Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India in year- 2013.

A Group Exhibition of paintings Ravindra Bhavan, New Delhi, India in year- 2013.

A Group Exhibition of paintings organized by Banaras Club Varanasi U.P.India in year- 2012.

A Group Exhibition of paintings organized by Anand-One Varanasi U.P.India in year- 2011.

A group arts exhibition of paintings Banaras Hindu University in year- 2011.

25th-26th annual art exhibition at state Lalit Kala Academy lucknow U.P. 2005-06.

Working Artist Exhibition organized by R.L.K.K. at U.P. State Lalit Kala Academy in year- 2003.

A Group Exhibition of paintings at B. Sen Hall Art & Craft College Lucknow in year- 2003.

1st All India Art Exhibition organized by S.L.K.S. Samastipur, Bihar in year- 2003.

Organizer/ Facilitator
Painting Workshop on Education Day, Collage of arts and Crafts Patna, Bihar in year- 2014.

National Workshop at Rajbhawan, Patna, Bihar in year- 2013.

Painting Workshop on Bihar Diwas, Collage of arts and Crafts Patna, Bihar in year- 2013.

National Workshop, Rajgir, BiharSarif, Bihar in year- 2013.

State level painting and sand sculpture camp and competition in year -2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

All India art and general knowledge competition 2004-05

Worked For Department Of Finance
Centenary Pillar of Patna University on the Occasion of 100 year of Patna University.

District Level Spot Painting Competition Occasion of 150th year of Gandhi JAYANTI by Rajya Lalit Kala Academy U.P.

Painting Workshop of College of Arts & Crafts Patna by RAJYA BHAWAN, Patna Bihar.

Utilization of Fund Given By RUSA For Development of College of Arts & Crafts (During Principal ship)

Art coordinator of Bihar Museum of dealing and taking financial Dissension Regarding National Contemporary Art Gallery.

Sanctioned Rs.-3,50, 000 Raj Bhawan Bihar by Governor of Bihar Ram Nath Kovind for Preparation of 20 Paintings of Reputed persons of Bihar & India.

Organizing coordinating and operating financial tasks of 10 Senior Artist (Indian) Art Workshop at Rajgir by department of Art & Culture Govt. of Bihar.

N.S.S Programme Officer for 3 years (organiser & financial powers for all programmes)

As a Principal College Of Arts & Crafts utilized College Funds, Govt. funds , Sponsored funds for-Development purpose of college since 2012-2017 (five years).

National Research Institute of human culture Varanasi, UP, India

Academy council Patna University Patna, Bihar, India

Syndicate Patna University Patna, Bihar, India

Board of studies, Central University South Bihar, Gaya, Bihar, India

Bihar Museum Patna, Bihar, India

Bihar Lalit Kala Academy, Patna, Bihar, India

Higher Education Department ( Shiksha Divas/ Bihar Divas) Patna, Bihar

First Prize, Painting/ Ceramic Design, Regional Centre Ministry of Textile, Gov. of India, Varanasi in year- 2002.

Travel Grant (2nd Beijing international art biennale china, 2005), ICCR New Delhi, India

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