Original Paintings

Deepashri Sakat

Deepashri Sakat

Joined Craft Tatva: Decemeber 2022

Till 2020 I used to paint a lot of landscapes with different textures and mediums. I always like to roam around in nature, feel nature, and touch elements of nature like trees, leaves, grass, and ground. the aroma of soil. I am always attracted to texture, dry grass, and layers of a tree trunk. Subconsciously I have started studying -the texture of tree trunks, especially the Nilgiris tree. Colors of Nilgiri trees skin. How the color gets changes with the life of the tree. I start to get connected with nature. I can relate human life to a single tree. The journey of life. Now I am in the middle of the process in my study of nature. Its an unstoppable process. I am trying to explore more and more in nature.

Focus Areas: Figures, Faces, etc.

Artworks by Deepashri Sakat

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