Original Paintings

Deepshikha Bishoyi

Artist Deepshikha Bishoyi

Joined Craft Tatva: June 2022

Deepshikha Bishoyi is a self - taught Gurgaon based artist. She had an artistic bent since childhood. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology. She has worked as a designer in the Fashion Industry for over 6 years. She has learnt Visualization and Representation Techniques, Illustrations, Elements and Principles of Design from NIFT which she continued to put in her practice while creating paintings and sketches for herself non-professionally during her leisure time. Owing to her intuitive calling towards Art, she quit her design career and focused all her time into learning and getting deeper into the world of Art. She put her first step in the world of art professionally in the year 2021 by participating in competitions, exhibitions and by attending some workshops. Winning certain National and International accolades in this field gave her the confidence and motivation to take this artistic drive further to the next level.

Focus Areas: Figures, Pop, etc.

Artworks by Deepshikha Bishoyi

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