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Dewashish Das

Artist Dewashish Das

Joined Craft Tatva: October 2021

My paintings are observation of nature & life, which done mostly in acrylic on canvas. Beside other mediums are inspired by nature. My subject is human being as part of nature and feminine beauty as its highest expression, emotion and different type of moods. I am planning the paintings this beauty and against other elements of nature. Flower, leaf, bird, animals, creepers or some docile lyrical creatures and set a mute dialogue between them. This is help to generate me for a kind of classical sobriety. Decorativeness is an essential elements of folk and tribal art despite its stress on some essential revealing content. Decorative elements to infuse a kind of humeral space within the observed reality. Reality is this gets transcended towards a divine super reality & search is for an idealized beauty based on life. Festival in moods of life style and nature.

Focus Areas: Gods, Figures, etc.

Artworks by Dewashish Das

About Dewashish Das

Born – 1970, B.V.A. from Rabindra Bharti University, Kolkata – 1995 (1st Class)

Solo show :-

Academy of Fine Art (Kolkata) – 2005 to 2018
Jehangir Art Gallery (Mumbai) – 2006
Mahua Art Gallery (Bangalore) – 2006
Art Pilgrim – 2006 – 2007
Kumar Art Gallery – 2005 – 2009
Lalit Kala Academy (Delhi) – 2005 – 2013

Group Show :-

Gallery Ganesha, Kumar Art Gallery, Art Pilgrim, Domas Art Gallery, MEC Art Gallery, Finland Embassy (Delhi), Hotel Ashoka (Delhi), Art Indus, Hotel Hyat (Kolkata), ITC Sonar Bangla (Kolkata), Taj Bengal (Kolkata, Mahua Art Gallery, Ethos Art Gallery, Kinkini Art Gallery (Bangalore), Lalit Kala Academy (Delhi), Academy of Fine Art, Birla Academy of Art & Culture (Kolkata), Rossy & Rossy (London), Gallery Gajah (Singapore) and many more group shows in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Baroda & Abroad in between 2000 to 2018.

Workshop :-

Finland Embassy (Delhi) 2008, Vedic Village (Kolkata) 2008-2009, Assam & Darjeeling 2006 & 2017, Hotel Oberoi Grand (Kolkata) 2006 to 2009, Highland Park (Kolkata) 2006-2007, Jammu & Kashmir 2013, Bangkok 2009, Shantiniketan 2006, 2016, 2017; Pondicherry 2013, 2015, 2017 & many more workshop at Kolkata, Delhi from 2006 to 2018.

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