Original Paintings

Dipali Deshpande

Artist Dipali Deshpande

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

My paintings have always been much more than simply depictions of myself or things around me. I use my artwork as a tool to express my thoughts, memories and some complex ideas that run through my mind. I am driven by my passion and seized by the love for Indian culture and handloom industry. I include Indian women’s draperies made by handloom industry in my works. I am very much interested to represent my observation concerning the texture, colour and embroidery motifs including other accessories which represents aesthetics in Indian culture. I try to depict different stories of women using draperies and textiles in my paintings. I see so much beauty in Indian culture and aesthetic of women’s fashion here – the style of their hair, drapes, jewellery – all of those portray traditional India. Moreover, I love and am inspired by silk and handloom fabric, these are the treasures of India that I feel need to be preserved, which is something I do through my art.

Focus Areas: Still Life, Monochrome, etc.

Artworks by Dipali Deshpande

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