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Ganesh Panda

Artist Ganesh Panda

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

Ganesh Panda uses palette knife to describe the flavour of the natural world. In his paintings, every stroke is visible. His choice of vibrant and sparkling colors and knife patches etched so perfect, makes his artworks intriguing to own.

Focus Areas: Roads, Riverscapes, etc.

Artworks by Ganesh Panda

About Ganesh Panda

“Painting is all about the expression of the artist’s various emotions like, joy, sorrow, lust, pain, passion, desire and insight into the society and his ability to depict them on canvas.”
Ganesh Panda, a painter par excellence, has achieved the expertise in this art. He is one of the most sensitive painters of the contemporary painting scenario. His works are the product of turbulent marriage between Ganesh Panda ‘the visionary’ and Ganesh Panda ‘the painter’, with a passion for excellence in the field of fine arts. Ganesh Panda is a rebel by nature, has taken of the gauntlet and stood up against the chaotic, indifferent and know tow system of the painting world.

Somewhere, in between his entire struggle to survive he got into art direction in an ad agency quickly emerged as a victor of the uncertainties, assuming direct control but vacuous life was hunting him. He found solace in setting sun, in the changing autumn leaves, in the surge of the sea, in tranquillity of the dark deserted streets, tenacity of an old sick man, and in umpteen indifferent to others moments. For a person living with his dreams, each moment is precious, every breath sacred. He found inspiration in them and that led him to show his feelings through his paintings.

So, he left the illusory Ad world to set up his own studio in 1991, where he started work on a series of projects. From the very start of his career, he was opposed to conventional and hackneyed painting in which beautiful and pleasant to eyes colours were used. Panda’s artist quiver encompasses all aspects of human feelings but he does not like to romanticize them, on the contrary, he shows them very blatantly. Many of his works seem to be painted in a very sketchy way, with little regard for details Instead of brush, he uses spatula, consequently his paintings often looks unfinished. This allows us to focus fully on the stratum of the paintings. As an artist, his greatest quality is his skilful blending of colours, theme and his personal point of view in order to stimulate our imagination. His ordeal may be over but the artist in his heart still seems to be in search of many things, an understanding for his art, peace for his soul, life – like colours for his canvas, inspiration for his creation, encore for his effort, and the list is as endless as his desire to delight, stimulate, puzzle, inspire the masses and classes by his vast spectrum of repertoire.

Qualification – 1982 – G.D. Art, Govt. Art College, Khalikote, Orissa

Solo Exhibitions

2020 – India Art Festival – Nehru Center, Mumbai
2018 – India Art Festival – Nehru Center, Mumbai
2017 – World Art Dubai – UAE
2017 – Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2016 – Trident Art Walk, Mumbai
2016 – Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2015 – Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai
2011 – Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2006 – Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2006 – Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2005 – The Art Entrance, Mumbai
2005 – Standard Charted , Mumbai
2004 – Art Walk Gallery, Mumbai
2004 – Gallerie Leela, Mumbai
2003 – Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai
2003 – Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2003 – DCB Art Gallery, Mumbai
2002 – DCB Art Gallery, Mumbai
Participate 2006 – The Art Society Of India Annual Art Exhibition, Mumbai
2006 – Concern India Foundation, Mumbai
2006 – Monsoon Show at Kitab Mahal, Mumbai
2005 – Namaste India – Exhibition of Indian Contemporary Art Milan, Italy
2005 – Art for Concern – Artist center, Mumbai
2003 – The Art Society Of India Annual Art Exhibition, Mumbai
2003 – Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery – Monsoon Show, Mumbai
2003 – Art Access Week VII Birla Academy of Art Culture, Mumbai.
2004 – Late BR. V.V.Oak Smrti exhi., Pune. Experience 1982 – 87 – Visualizer, Rico , Dadar, Mumbai.
1988 – 91 – Art Director, Karan Advt., Andheri (W), Mumbai
1991 – Till today own studio.

Group show Many more Group shows in India and abroad

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