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Ipsita Bayer

Artist Ipsita Bayer

Joined Craft Tatva: April 2022

I am Ipsita Bayer. I am staying in Faridabad. I am a printmaker now also painter. I had completed my BVA from Balasore Art and Craft College and MFA from Govt. College of Art and Craft, Culcutta University, Kolkata.My work about nature. I do my work with line drawing and use black and white colour. Take some Subject and using some colours. All things part of nature, but I put somethings using in my paintings e.g ( bird, flower, cave, lily pond etc). Nature is so much attractive to my heart. Nature is god gift, without nature we are not fulfill. Sometimes, I do figurative but maximum work taken about landscape. I am doing my work on woodcut, linocut, lithography, etching, canvas, acrylic sheet and use other materials.

Focus Areas: Figures, Nature, etc.

Artworks by Ipsita Bayer

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