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Jeyaprakash M

Artist Jeyaprakash M

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

I am Jeyaprakash who belongs to Tirunelveli. I finished B.F.A. (Painting) at Govt. College of Fine Arts, Chennai (2002-06). Now I am Freelance painter. I would like portraits and Figurative composition. In my paintings, I would prefer Composition, Lighting, Color, Posture and character of Materials. I am completely captivated by people, absorbed by portraits and the Full figure. Whether it is just for my own enjoyment or for few private commissions, I love to use my brush and paints to creatively capture a likeness. I would prefer the use of unconventional photographic angles. My paintings would depict South Indian Culture. Currently I am doing Landscape also.

Focus Areas: Figures, Bulls, etc.

Artworks by Jeyaprakash M

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