Original Paintings

Jyothi Mehla

Artist Jyothi Mehla

Joined Craft Tatva: February 2022

Jyothi Mehla is a mixed media artist who specializes in Abstract art and portraits. The freedom to express her thoughts and emotions in the form of paintings is what motivates her to follow her passion. Apart from channeling her emotions into the art, she also tries to depict social or environmental issues in her artworks. You can see a hint of smoke exposure and sgraffito technique in her artworks. She also loves to experiment with waste material (e.g., waste paper napkins, egg shells, coconut cover, plastic etc.) and make use of it in her artworks to spread awareness. Prior to choosing art as her passion and career, she used to work in the IT sector. She is also passionate about Aerial Yoga and Travelling.

Focus Areas: Figures, Pop, etc.

Artworks by Jyothi Mehla

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