Watercolor Painitngs by

Kanchan Mistry

Artist Kanchan Mistry

Joined Craft Tatva: May 2021

My journey starts from here to where eyes see for away horizontal line, free fly, blue sky and green beauty. Where the sky touches the ground from there the Soleconcept, the Catkin of Bengal. Gradually my art practice become my passion. It became the medium of expression, enlightenment of self analysing. I feel that every day is a different day than the previous one. This way my surrounding objects started appearing in my work. I generally use water as a strong symbol of my thoughts. My work represents my life. There are very few things which gave happiness to me, it can be a person some place or my work is all about. I think Abstract Impasto Style of work is Landscape of my mind that is Fusion of real and unreal world. My works are the solid symbol of my emotion like- fantasy, mystery, darkness, suspense, drama, thrill desire fear and love.

Focus Areas: Nature, Landscape, etc.

Artworks by Kanchan Mistry

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