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Kandan G

Artist Kandan G

Joined Craft Tatva: October 2021

Kandan G of Panjimogaru-Mangaluru has worked in different media like acrylic on canvas, mixed media on wooden board with minimum colours. The canvasses and drawings collectively unite to build a statement of human existence or it may be said that they present parallel chapters in a novel, where each segment is dotted with characters different from the rest. In totality, the whole body of work does possess a potential to hold or propose to hold a mirror to life’s myriad forms. Most of his paintings hold a mirror to media, politics and society. There is a mystery surrounding almost all kinds of political and public dispositions. The independent thoughts of an individual are more important than the freedom of the nation. An independent individual of thought can form a wonderful society by a giving tranquil feeling to the individual. The present politics does not allow free thought. No doubt that Kandan G, a self Though Artist expresses his thoughts in the form of Art.

Focus Areas: Bulls, Figures, etc.

Artworks by Kandan G

Artworks by Kandan G

About my Works:

My last 3 decades body of works are a response to various socio-political phenomena witnessed, seen, convinced and persuaded through social media. Often, I feel that, human beings are part of larger hidden socio-political and cultural network systems. Under such social situations of a dissent is helplessness one. On the other hand, the economic dilemma binds one to negotiate between ehtico-moral ideology and survival of the fittest. When these binaries of intriguing conflicts transform towards greed results in atrocity and anarchic nation state. Where the all ideology and morale are cast shadow of the globalised neo-liberalised capitalism, idealism stands meaningless victim and false currency.

As an artist, I largely address these social phenomena through motifs, metaphors and personification borrowed from various juncture of contemporary society. Largely my visual language adheres to metaphoric and symbolic representations to trigger my views of contemporary society. Quite often a dusty bull and manipulated news texts, typography and sentences from print media to enhance the effective communication potentialities of meanings. Empty chair I constantly use metaphorically to represent the chase of human greedy instincts and hegemonic longingness.
Art works as a process of investigation into the myriad possibilities of anticipation towards the witnessed and being critically skeptical about it, is what curious me to explore in images and texts. The text invocated personified dusty bull in its aggressive gestures further provokes that greed which the humans look forward. Few of my works also looks into the due frustration made of human catastrophes.

Some attempts also take the historical voyage by using persona of Gandhian models of idealism to invoke the repentance and caution.


● “Mood and Expression” a solo exhibition of painting at Prasad Art Gallery, Mangalore in 2007.
● Solo exhibition of paintings at “Bahu Art Gallery” Karkala in 2007.
● “My Indian art.com” masters collection on line shows Kolkatta 2010.
● “Specific Energies” Kerala lalithkala academy presents solo show from Kochi 2011.
● Roophank solo show bharathbhavanbopal 2011.
● “poetics of existence” solo show orchid art gallery Mangalore Karnataka 2014.
● The crows verdict icon art gallery Hyderabad solo show 2014.


Group Exhibition of painting at KaravaliI Utsava in 1993. “History Expedition” group exhibition of painting at St. Aloysius College,Mangalore in 2006.
Group Exhibition of paintings at Balmattamangalore in 2006. Conducted by Mangalore Ladies Circle.

“Ganesha” a group exhibition of paintings at Orchid Art Gallery, Kadri, Mangalore in 2007. In
“Ganesha” group exhibition of paintings at Kannada SahithyaBhavanaBelguam, in 2007.
“Art for Good cause” charity show organizes by Ladies Circle, Mangalore at Empire Mall, Mangalore in 2007.
Painting on Last Supper, Mangalore March 2008.
National level Art Exhibition in pallet Art Gallery Jodhpur 2008. Group Show in Chitrakalaparishad Bangalore 2008.
Romance of the Mansoon, Orchid Art Gallery, Mangalore September 2008. Inaugural group Show at Akhter’s Art gallery Mangalore 2009.
Inaugural group Show at Prideev Art gallery Mangalore 2009.
“Mother Nature” Water color group show at Prideev Art gallery Mangalore 2009.
Artist Forum (Udupi) 25 years Exhibition of recent paintings group show Scube Art Gallery 2017.
Artist Forum Silver Jubilie exhibition of recent work gallery DristiUdupi 2017. KARMAAn excellent calculation group show – Bangalore RangoliMatro gallery 2015.
Inaugural group Show at “Art Insight” gallery mangalore 2009. “Verdant Strokes” by Kerala Lalitkala Academy, at David Hall Fort Kochi, Kerala 2009.
“Chitrasambhrama” Bliss Art Gallery inaugural group show at Udupi 2009. Group Show at Shrusti Art gallery Bangalore 2009.
Art for a cause exhibition orchid art gallery Mangalore 2010. Germination, anayas art gallery presents all india artists group show in Ahmadabad 2011.
Special cause at Veda art gallery Bangalore group show 2011. Sanchalana, group show by KaravaliChitrakalaChavadi 2011.
National Level Exhibition organized by Palette Art Gallery, Jodhpur, 2008 ‘EXPERIENCING ART” the explicit & the implicit, Interstate Painting Exhibition
– Organized by Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy Bangalore & Delhi Karnataka Sangha, New Delhi, 2009.
Art insight group show, Hotel Deepa Comfort’s 2008. Karnataka Vaibhava group show Drishti art gallery art 2008.
Art Fair (contemporary art fair India) Travancore art gallery National level Art exhibition, New Delhi 2008.
Roopah national level art exhibition BharathBhavan in Bopal 2011 Udupi art foundation origination Sri Krishna Namaha National level art exhibition Udupi Krishna Mutt campus Udupi 2012.
VimshatiGaneshaart exhibition origination by artist forum Udupi 2012. Parallel reality coffepalattedevlalikar art gallery Indore 2013.


Olive art gallery group show origination udupi art foundation Manipal 2013.
Khajuraho festival of dances art mardKhajuraho 2014 national level group show M.P. 2014.
Arpitham kala mandir presents-international group show,brla academy of art and culture-Kolkata-
International Republic Enthusiasm – 7, Symposium group show Eskisehir Turkey – 2019
A PHRASE national Exhibition of art at gallery space Hyderabad 2019 Advaith a group show at Bombay art society Mumbai 2019.
National online art exhibition organisation bharath fine art academy contemporary online Exhibition 2020 International online art
Exhibition,Organation Kala Mithra foundation,Dhauli college of art & crafts 2020
AGNEE online National group show A Carstreet studio’s Sydney initiatives president’s -2020. .SPECTRES of
MAHATHMA online National Exhibition of art 2020
8th international Republic support online Exhibition Eskisehir Art association E-Gallary Eskisehir Turkey 2020. The 3rd international contemporary Art festival BASHKORT ARTSTAN cultural Exchange and international friendship project Russia 2020 Art family organisation international online group show 2020.
100 Eminent international artist Art Exhibition ,bindaas artists group international grand group show 2020 Art adda art gallery state level group show Gadag Karnataka 2021.
Ananta dwitiya -Exploring the limitless – national online group show
-2021. 7 th international GEOJE international Art festival South Korea collection of work THEME MUSEUM -SOUTH KOREA 2021

✔ “Save Kadri Park” Live painting demo at kadri Park in 2006.
✔ International Kite Festival – January 2008
✔ MRPL Campus, Mangalore – January 2008
✔ BavaSanchaya Art Camp, DevendraBetta, Mangalore-February 2008.
✔ Varnotsava, udupi – March 2008.
✔ Artist form and chanchalana group organized by drawing camp 2010 udupi.
✔ 2007 : Organized and participated in ‘ART IMPACT” an Artist Camp at Alva’s Education, Moodbabidri.
✔ 2007: Participated in “VARNA VIRASAT” an Artist Camp at Alva’s Education, Moodabidri
✔ 2007 : Participated in “VARNA VIRASAT” an Artist Camp at Alva’s Education, Moodabidri
✔ 2007: Participating in “International Kite Festival” Mangalore.
✔ State level painting camp in artist forum Udupi – 2008.

✔ Vishwakala Interstate Art Camp, Payyanur, Kerala – March 2008.
✔ Varnajagrathi, District Level Art Camp, Mangalore – April 2008.
✔ Megharaga, Art Camp, CharmudyGhat – April 2008.
✔ Alva’s NudisiriChithrasiri State level Art Camp – 2008.
✔ K KHebbar 100 years remembering camp Kannada and culture department of Karnataka, udupi.
✔ 2009 “National painter’s camp” Lalitkala academy Kerala.
✔ 2009 Organized by “Kannada and culture department of Karnataka” and “Central Govt. of India” 2010 Vishva Konkani fest participated National level art Camp Mangalore.
✔ VishvaThuluSammelana painting camp – 2009 Makaram
✔ “National painter’s camp” Lalit Kala academy Kerala by 2010 Trissur.
✔ “Hastha art gallery abd art pavilion origination by Ln. Tallur art workshop 2010 Mangalore.
✔ 2010 Karnataka Lalith Kala Academy participated state level art camp Sirsi.
✔ Alva’s ChitraSiri state level aft camp 2008.
✔ “MakkalaMasothsava” Live painting demo at “Town Hall in 2006.
✔ National level art camp Orissa Puri international beach festival 2011.
✔ DrustiSrustiRaniAbbakka national level art camp B.C. Road, Mangalore 2011-2012.
✔ Karnataka Shilpa Kala academy organized state level painters camp Bangalore- 2012.
✔ Dr. ShivaramaKaranthBalavana national art camp Puttur, Mangalore-2013.
✔ Vishvothama National level art camp udupiShri Krishna Mutt udupi 2013.

BidarUtshava 2014 Bidar port landscape camp 2014 Bidar Karnataka. State level painters camp Madikeri Karnataka 2014.
Mungaru Male National art camp prachi foundation Udupi-Karkala-maala-2014
Karavaliuthsava state level art camp Karvara – 2015.
Karnataka SahithyaSammelandart camp (Hassan) Shravanabelgola – 2015. Adhichunchanagiri mutt national level painters camp mandia Karnataka-2015.
Sangama, sambrama state level art camp Karnataka lalithkalaacademyPilikulaNisargaDhama mangalore-2015.
Niracharthu the national painting/sculpting camp VadakacheryThrichur Kerala 2016.
Vincent art world national painting/sculpting camp Bangalore-2016. Commissioner of Vijayapur National Painter’s Camp 2016.
Kopparige Art Camp Koppa – 2018 (State Level) HampeUthshavaState Level Art camp Karnataka Lalith Kala Academy – 2017, Hampe
“SangamaSambrama” State level Art Camp “PilikulaNisargaDhama- Karnataka Lalith Kala Academy – 2015.

Sri AdichunchanagiriMahasansthanamathChunchanagiri on Canvas National Level Art Camp – 2015, Adichunchanagiri, Mandya
Lalithkala Acadamy New Delhi,national painting camp – Bangalore-2019 18th International Art Biennale Participation Award Bangladesh Dhaka- 2018 5 th international symposium Han turkey participating international symposium 2019
Pranav national art camp at chinmaya vibhoothi kolwan Pune 2019 Sanctum Art camp at Akhter’s Beach resort Mangalore 2019


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