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Kanika Dhanda

Kanika Dhanda

Joined Craft Tatva: January 2023

Kanika Dhanda heads the fine-art at Studio Panjloh. The Studio’s artistic practice comprises multi and trans-media installations, interventions, fine art paintings, performance, and participatory art, and is inspired by global issues, crisis, dilemmas and unspoken stories. It strive to address the world beyond art and so engage with the broadest dimension of contemporary experience, pushing the borders where art overlaps with social space. Studio Panjloh’s search for new paradigms in art and cultural practice places itself in our socio-cultural and historical consciousness, raising questions that put in a new perspective culture as a medium of social engagement. In its core, lies the concept of contemporary artist as a witness of their time who is an active participant in solidarity with the events and people that provoke and inspire their art.  The Studio is regularly learning and researching the issues that need a voice and Kanika is expert in creating art that has both the contrasting beliefs depicted in a single painting. Panjloh Studio apart from having exhibited their line of work in New York Fashion Week, have also been featured in L’Officiel Paris and multiple other print and visual media across United States, India and Britain.

Focus Areas: Figures, Faces, etc.

Artworks by Kanika Dhanda

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