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Kishore Roy

Kishore Roy

Joined Craft Tatva: March 2023

Inherent in the recounting of lore lies a timeless human embrace of history. Fable and twist of imagination . These provide rich sources of inspiration for artistic expression . Me throughout my earliar and recent work . Explore the familiar pantheon of indian deities, to which I add portraits of females subject and icon of global spirituality. Manifested in this series are revisite metaphores. Recumbent in embroidered moti poised and posed in divers states of musing and flute playing , Both the scale of my subjcts. very sculptural and the settings in which they materalize bellie aromantic assimilation of mythology. The imagery of my paintings mostly comes from my heart. as a student of philosophy, its lasting impact on me was and is such that itry to reveal in my work . The joy and beauty living together.The series 'MAGIC MELODY , SONG OF LOVE.' is a symphony of love and beauty, thus one can feel that all of life is worth living.

Focus Areas: Figures, Faces, etc.

Artworks by Kishore Roy

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