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Komal Sawant

Artist Komal Sawant

Joined Craft Tatva: February 2022

I hold Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from L. S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai in 2002. In 2005, I have completed G.D. in Sculpture & Modelling from the Sir JJ School of Art, winning the State Art Sculpture Award the same year. My artwork evokes emotions and I feel that my paintings and drawings offer something important to the art world.

Focus Areas: Geomatric, Shapes, etc.

Artworks by Komal Sawant

About Komal Sawant

I have successfully exhibited my unique & creative arts in following group shows in various organisations & galleries,

Bombay Art Society, Splash 2021, Mumbai, Exhibited Abstract Paintings
ICA Gallery, Glimpses of Art, Jaipur, 2021, exhibited Abstract Paintings
World Woman’s Day National Group Exhibition by Art beat Foundation, Pune 2018, Exhibited Mosaic Fusion Art
Art Mart International, Khajuraho 2018 MP India, exhibited Mosaic Fusion Art
Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai 2017, exhibited Mosaic Fusion Art
Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai 2007, exhibited Abstract Paintings
Bombay Art Society, Mumbai 2005, presented Print Making (Wood-Cut)
Art Plaza,Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 2005, exhibited Abstract Paintings
Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai 2005, exhibited Abstract Paintings
Bombay Art Society, Mumbai 2004, exhibited Sculpture
Hotel Kohinoor Continental Art Gallery, Mumbai 2004, exhibited Paintings
Bombay Art Society, Mumba,i 2003, presented Print Making (Lino-Cut)
Camlin Art Foundation, Mumbai 2003, presented Water Colour Painting
Chatak organised by Nehru Art Centre Gallery, Mumbai 2003, exhibited Metal Sculpture
Art Society of India, Mumbai 2003, exhibited Print Making (Lithography)
Bombay Art Society, Mumbai 2002, presented Water Colour Painting

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