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Lakshman Chavan

Lakshman Chavan

Joined Craft Tatva: October 2022

Buddha in the main subject in my work of art. The form is used in compositions, colours and lines. My works are inspired by Indian sculptures and the Ajanta fresco paintings also the Khajurao Sculptures in relief. This these reflect in my own style of paintings. Buddha is the main subject is my work of art. This form is shown in compositions, colours & lines. My works are imagined by Indian sculptures impact Ajanta fresco paintings & he khajurao Sculptures is relief the lines & Rhythm. The silent pain that engulfs the human mind consciously and subconsciously is as constant as the constant seasonal changes in nature. The emotive consciousness of the surety of breath and the blood flowing through veins engulfs human in silent moment and takes him/her to the realm of pure understanding and knowledge. This process takes the alive through immense emotive pain,’swayavedan’.Reaching the higher pleasures of understanding takes him through the metaphysical experience at physical and psychological level and opens the vast universe of knowledge and aesthetics experience. Swayavedan is the emotive realization/silent pain that goes on in the mind parallel to his breath, and the conscious realization of his pain widens the aperture to universe of understanding. Swayavendan is related to the emotional transfer of element like line, colour and shape towards the selfexperience of shift of your dreams to pure creation.

Focus Areas: Buddha

Artworks by Lakshman Chavan

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