Rajasthan Paintings

Laxyapal Rathore

Artist Laxyapal Singh Rathore

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

My paintings revolve around the lifestyle of Rajasthan. My figures have long neck, which has the significance of its own. I have my inspiration from the ship of the desert the camel. This animal has developed itself in such a way that with all difficulties around it, it has adapted itself to its surrounding. Its long neck helps him to find food for himself. Same goes for the people of Rajasthan, who survive in spite of difficulties created by nature around them. The long moustache of the figures symbolises the culture heritage of the people. It has its own effect in my paintings which has been used as my subject and style. I have tried to give a true portrayal of the village of Rajasthan.

Focus Areas: Figures, Drawings, etc.

Artworks by Laxyapal Singh Rathore

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