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Madhu Kuruva

Artist Madhu Kuruva

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

Nature is one of the gods beautiful creation and has given enough power to living beings while humans are trying to clench them. I would like to show the complexity in my work, similar to the god’s creation.  When you observe at my painting you feel like there is some mystery hidden in it. The deeper you look at my painting; you will find human is surrounded by many flora and fauna. This painting is the visual representation of my feelings. This consists of all the animals, trees, birds, plant. The mind always involves completely in the work, so, at times, the work goes on subconsciously and unconsciously too, which always yearns for a better result. The best thing is the outcome, which is a root cause of my Joy and cherished. I feel like making an artwork, which is not conventional and not under any confinement, yields better results. I always believe in it. You don’t find answers to all the questions that you have regarding the nature around you or about the world you live in.

Focus Areas: Drawing, Figures, etc

Artworks by Madhu Kuruva

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