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Milna Sajee

Milna Sajee

Joined Craft Tatva: February 2023

Milna Sajee is a self-taught artist based in Bangalore with a penchant desire to excel in the field. Art has been a part of her life since childhood. Art for her is a journey of learning, exploring, and discovering something and she thoroughly enjoys it. She works on multiple mediums and styles simultaneously and has developed a keen aesthetic sense from years of experience as an artist. Some of her favourite styles are abstract, contemporary, and modern art forms. Her works have varied processes and some of them just happen as it progress, some as a result of strong emotions and some are the translations of ideas and thoughts and again some are just anything simple and beautiful that she comes across. Her belief is in finding one’s own path and learn from ones own life experience. To better her understanding of emotions, senses, thoughts etc. that are not explicitly displayed, she has taken up a master's program in psychology to be able to gather that knowledge and so as to represent the same on a canvas. Her artworks many times capture her exposure to various cultures in various countries that she has lived in or visited. These may or may not be very prominent but surely do create an impact in her works.

Focus Areas: Abstracts

Artworks by Milna Sajee

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