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MK Goyal

Artist MK Goyal

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2022

MK Goyal is an abstract and figurative artist, MK Goyal was born in Delhi, he has been interested in art since childhood. He has obtained a master's degree in the field of fine art from Jamia Millia Islamia University. MK Goyal has been greatly influenced by India's culture, civilization, and spirituality, and a glimpse of this culture is visible on his canvases. The Bharat series is an example of spirituality as he has composed a series named (Memory) in which human life and wildlife of the five elements of the world have been shown to have an impact on life, animals, and plants. His work shows the inclusion of realistic and abstract forms. Also, he did a series of Nagas, sadhus and Aghori sadhu, Purnima, and Bharam. MK uses fresh vibrant colors due to its transparent dynamic background. Mk has also participated in national and international art exhibitions and art competitions.

Focus Areas: Sadhu, Religious, etc.

Artworks by MK Goyal

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