Original Paintings

Nandini Raikar

Artist Nandini Raikar

Joined Craft Tatva: January 2022

Nandini sharpens her Skills on Creativity, Expressions of her inner emotions, her thoughts about the Well being of the Society, Humanitarian Flaws and Failures, Social Ethics and Morales of the society as she places these observations on canvas.

Focus Areas: Nature, Trees, etc.

Artworks by Nandini Raikar

About Nandini Raikar

 2007-08, Received 1st prize at National level for Fevicryl Awards for Creative Excellence
 2008-09, Received 2nd prize at Regional level for Fevicryl Awards for Creative Excellence
 2017, Received Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Merit Award Goa State for painting in Kalanand Art Contest
 2018, Received Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Merit Award Goa State for painting in Kalanand Art Contest

Participations & Selected Exhibitions
Solo Shows
 2018 May, Art Exhibition at The Achies Art Gallery Chandor, Goa.
Dual Shows
 2013 Nandadeep An Art Exhibition at the Kala Academy Art Gallery, Goa.
Group Shows
 2009 Ganesh Exhibition Organized by Ruchika Art Gallery Panaji-Goa
 2010 Goa State Art Exhibition
 2010 “Athaa” Exhibition organized by Bal Bhavan at Kala Academy Panaji.
 2011 Goa State Art Exhibition at Kala Academy
 2011 Exhibition organised by Pyde Pyper Academy at Kala Academy Panaji.
 2012 Goa State Art Exhibition
 2013 Goa State Art Exhibition
 2013 Group Show at Provicence City, U.S.A.
 2015 Ganesha Art Exhibition Organized by Directorate of Art and Culture, Panaji.
 2015 Goa State Art Exhibition
 2015 The Bible Art Exhibition at Pilar Theological College
 2016 ‘Life’ Art Exhibition at Archies Art Gallery, Chandor, Goa
 2016 ‘Colors of Life’ Art Exhibition at Ujwal Art Gallery Vagator
 2016 Drawing Painting Graphic Print Art Exhibition organized by Art and Culture, Panjim
 2016 “A Myriad Hues” organized by Don Bosco Charities at Ujwala Art Gallery,Vagator
 2016 ‘Janani Art Exhibition Organised by Ujwala Art Gallery,Vagator
 2016 Goa State Art Exhibition
 2017 Art Exhibition Of Selected Contemporary Artists Of Goa at Radisson Hotel, Goa
 2017 Art Event For Empowering Women Through Art at Harshada Art Gallery, Panjim
 2017 The Exhibition of 15 Goan Contemprory Artists at Hotel Hyatt curated by Art gallery Carpe Deim, Goa
 2017 Finext Awards & National Exhibition Of Mini Artworks, Bhopal
 2018 Exhibition of Goan contemporary Artists at The Art gallery, Directorate of Art and Culture Gallery, Goa.
 2018 ‘Helping hands’ – Artists for Kerala, Group exhibition by Carpe Diem, Goa.
 2018 ‘Different Strokes’ group exhibition for charity, Goa.
 2018 ‘Chitrasangam’ National Art Exhibition.
 2018 Indian Academy of Fine Arts, 84th All India Exhibition of Arts, Amritsar.
 2018 ‘Dharohar’ Exhibition on Indian Heritage sites, Delhi.
 2019 The Bombay Art Society 127th Annual Art exhibition, The Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai.
 2019 8th All India Women Artists Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chandigarh.
 2019 Nov. ‘Meraki’ Group Art Exhibition at Chitrakala Parishath Art Gallery Bangalore.
 2021 May. ‘Mandalas for Mollem’ online art exhibition, Goa.
 2021 Nov. Water Color Art Exhibition in International Film Festival 21’ at Entertainment Society of Goa.

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