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Naresh Mahanta

Artist Naresh Mahanta

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2022

Based in Visakhapatnam, Naresh Mahanta started working as a portrait artist since 2011, though he studied Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering. After which he joined steel Industries and gave his sincere service for 12 years. At that time he explored collage and photography rather than painting, so it's been a joy to rediscover paint in the years since graduation. He completed BFA from Andhra University. His works reflect what we see around us. So much of photorealism that they almost speak and reach out to us. Emotions captured in these portraits reflect the artists own inner yearnings. The use of different medium from oils to pencil, with water colours, charcoal and pastels thrown in, depict a mastery of the medium in his art. The rendering of nature is captured in all its glory. The artist embraces organically visual contemplation in the portraits and nature’s glory. The artist has carefully arranged colours, shapes, lines and careful use of medium to create interesting and evocative piece of art that evokes in the viewer an emotion of awe. More than realism his works reflect reality. Each of the works tells a story and that is what art is all about. From time to time he varies his subject matter with a landscape or some equestrian art, but people remain my true obsession.

Focus Areas: Figures, Landscapes, etc.

Artworks by Naresh Mahanta

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