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Neha Bisht

Artist Neha Bisht

Joined Craft Tatva: April 2021

Neha Bisht is a self taught artist. She learned art in the school of life and by studying the Masters. Her genre is soul landscapes. Her paintings of nature and forests embody a colour aura and an emotional atmosphere. She works with the energy of colours, forests, light and shadow and wind. Her style is aligned to impressionism with a surrealist aura and an affinity towards classic European & Russian art styles.

Focus Areas: Forest, Nature, etc.

Artworks by Neha Bisht

About Neha Bisht


SCHOOL: ISC, La Martiniere Girls College, Lucknow
GRADUATION: Bachelor of Arts in English, Psychology and Western History Avadh Girls College, Lucknow

OTHER QUALIFICATION: PG Diploma in Journalism Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Lucknow


My Genre is soul landscapes, with a few variations on still life. I do freestyle which is realist in structure, emotive in concept & expression, and surrealist in its aura, energy and atmosphere.

My primary medium is oil and watercolours.

My Art Style is aligned with Impressionism, Tonalism and Peredvizhniki Realism. My art has a universal, timeless and surreal appeal. I do soul landscapes that embody an emotional aura and colour energy. My art focuses on capturing a moment in time by interweaving the elements of light, shadow, wind, cloud movements to create the kinetic energy of a movement. This gives my landscape constantly flowing fluid energy that adds a surrealist aura to the painting, turning it into a dream portal for the viewer to travel into. My art embodies a meditative aura and a healing vibe.

My Art Thought is aligned to the divine energy of emotions born of love, wherein resides all the divinity and value of life and existence, and its connection with nature which holds all the secrets of the universe in its bosom. When we feel love, clouds become romantic. When we feel sorrow, the same clouds become melancholic. It is this powerful equation between feelings and nature that creates a dialogue between Soul and Creator and so is born my “Sufi Art” ofSoul Landscapes.
I Am a Self-Taught Artist. I have been painting since childhood. My family has always been aligned to art and artistic pursuits. My great grandfather, Bal Krishna Sam, Vice-Chancellor of the Royal Nepal Academy, author of the firstMahahakavya of Nepalese literature, the late monarch of Nepal and the scion of the Royal Rana family of Nepal, was a highly celebrated artist of Nepal. Learning painting was like learning writing for us – imperative. Art & Literature has always been a wayof life for me. I was groomed into art at an early age. Private tutors, Plein art, art books, you talk of it, I was put through the grind. Free time, summer vacations meant painting & painting and painting.
I started my serious pursuit of art with self-study of European & Russian Masters in 1995. In my journey, I received guidance from artists and art connoisseurs from across the globe.

Review of my Artworks:

The Soul landscapes I create are like dream windows of surreal aura that transport theviewer into another realm. I feel the soul, I live the soul, I create the soul.

Here are some reviews and feedback I received on my art …

Raja Changez Sultan, the internationally acclaimed and celebrated “Sage Artist”, based in Pakistan, introduced me to his eminent group as this, “Neha Bisht, A
new name for some but a very accomplished painter and poet in her own right! Her art is in adoration of nature and the love that exists between creatures of all colours! She isa poet and philosopher at heart, with a soul that imbues the world with love and compassion. I see soul in her work. Congratulations! Keep at it without ever losing focus!”

Nalini Ravi Jain, the celebrated exponent of Kathak dance, from the illustrious Lucknow Gharana, wrote these beautiful lines about my art, “Neha you are one of the finest artists I have met. Your paintings are an amalgamation of various colours and inner beauty which touches the soul”.

Mr Aly Khan Satchu (CEO, Rich Management), Kenya based 21st century financial wizard, an art connoisseur and celebrated author of the bestseller book “Anyone Can Be Rich”, described the pulse and the drift of my thought and art in these words… “Neha Bisht’s Art is dreamy and has a fairy-tale quality and is like a Portal into another World, a world where the Artist sets the mood-music but allows the Viewer’s imagination its own departure point. There is a hidden muscle that is subtle and universal. The Landscapes in particular have an uncanny ability to draw the Viewerdeeply into the Painting. I have been lucky to get to know the Artist [virtually] and theuniversal perspective and Philosophy of the Artist flows out like a river.”

Sergei Sonera, a celebrated Soviet artist from Estonia, described my art in these awesome words, “I am delighted with the air the colours breathe in Neha’s paintings. She really feels the atmosphere… Her art directs onto many other styles and techniques.But I personally see in them the special emotion of our European Artists of Classical school. I would like to show your example to my students in the group of Art Schools inEstonia.”


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