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Nilesh Pawar

Artist Nilesh Pawar

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

Explorations into both subject and medium seems to be an ongoing process in Nilesh's journey as an artist. From conventional, yet alluringly sensitive still lifes.... to stylised figure based symbolic composition.... to his recent series on the 5 Elements of nature.... Nilesh explores the significance of the five elements of nature and their relationship with man and also between the elements themselves. Colour controls the presence of emotion that is attached to every elements -The Fiery, warm reds of fire and the sublime blues of Water and Wind. Form and colour is expressed through a conscious effort to create a 'meaningfully designed' visual. A smooth rendering in spray technique, specially selected by Nilesh for this series is the 'Key' that bring about Harmony.... the harmony with which the elements prevail in their surrounding. Elements have been given a half toned effect like the earth or the symbolic spear.... it adds a fantasy feel to the subject. The depth in his painting is a reflection of the artist's own character. Nilesh has always striven to communicate the underlying content of his thoughts through his works.

Focus Areas: Figure, Religious, etc.

Artworks by Nilesh Pawar

About Nilesh Pawar


  • National Level Government Diploma

In Drawing & Painting (G. D. Art) from

  1. S. Raheja school of Arts, Bandra (Mumbai) 1995
  • Diploma in Art Education (Dip. A. Ed)

From Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune -30                 1996

  • Art Teacher’s Diploma (A.T.D.)

From Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya Pune-30                   1999




  • 43rd National Exhibition of Art Being Organized by

the Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi, Head At Bangalore         2001

  • 44th National Exhibition of Art Being Organized by

the Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi, Head At Hyderabad        2001

  • And Several National Level Competitions, Kala Melas

Art Exhibition


  • Kalavishva Mahavidyalaya, Sangli

                                          Annual 1st Award for Realistic Landscape                             1993

  • S. Raheja school of Arts, Mumbai

                                          Annual Commanded Award                                             1994&95

  • South Central Zone, Nagpur

                                          2nd Award Rs.6000/- Cash for Drawing & Graphic                1997

  • South Central Zone, Nagpur Merit Award

for Open Category Watercolor Portrait                                  1998

  • State Art Rajya Purskar       1998
  • K. M. V. Annual 1st Award for Watercolor Portrait       1999
  • First Western Regional Art Competition Organized by

Camlin Art Foundation 1st Rs.10, 000/- Award for

Oil colour Painting

  • The Art Society of India J.R. Mistri Memorial Cash Award 1999
  • Concern of India Art Foundation Award       1999
  • Bombay Art Society Merit Award       1999
  • Chitari Academy 4th Award Pune       2000
  • V. Oak Merit Award       2001
  • Chitari Academy 2nd Cash Award Pune       2001
  • 5th Western Regional Art Competition Organized by

                                           Camlin Art Foundation 1st Rs.25, 000/- Cash Award

                                           for Watercolor Painting                                                          2002

  • Chitari Academy Merit Award       2003
  • Camlin Art Foundation

      Winner of EUROPE Tour Award                                         2004

  • Income Tax national workshop ,pune 1st Award 2011
  • Thearthub National competition 1st winner in India 2021
  • Bombay art society Merit Award       2021                         


  • Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai      1998
  • Sham Ahuja Gallery, Pune Host-Nag Foundation               1999
  • Studio S Art Gallery,Pune Host- Studio S       2001
  • Studio S Art Gallery,Pune Host- Studio S       2003
  • Studio 51j Art Gallery, Mumbai Host- Mr. Sethi                   1998
  • Art2day Art Gallery, Pune       2007
  • Leela Campasky, , Mumbai       2007
  • S.B.C.premier & smart&u Mumbai                                 2008
  • Taj blue dimond, pune       2009
  • Malakaspice art gallery,pune       2011
  • Jahangir Art Gallery , Mumbai       2018
  • Art 2day pune       2018
  • World Trade Centre, cuff pared, Mumbai       2019
  • India Art Festival, Worli, Mumbai.                   2020
  • Big Paintings, Monalisa Art Gallery, Pune       2020


  • Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai       1995
  • ‘Chatak’ Nehru Art Gallery Art Gallery (Monsoon Show)

Mumbai (Young Category)                                                     1995

  • Jahangir Art Gallery (Monsoon Show) Mumbai       1998
  • ‘Affordable Art’ at Artist Center, Mumbai         1995,96,97

       & (South Africa, New York, Logos London)                          1998

  • Exhibition of India Oil, Mumbai         1995,96,97
  • Painting Show at Pune       1996
  • ‘5 Millennia of Contemporary Indian Art’ at

       Y.B. Chavan Art Gallery Mumbai                                          1997

  • ‘Nag Foundation’ at Balgandharva Art Gallery, Pune       1997
  • ‘Concern of India Gallery’, Holiday Inn, Pune 1998,99
  • ‘Pune Pallet’ Gallery Art Source Trust,Mumbai 1998,99
  • ‘ATIMEDIAIR’ Ga Den Hand, Holland       1999
  • ‘Pune Festival’ at Balgandharva Art Gallery, Pune       1999
  • ‘Contemporary Art’ Blue Diamond, Pune       2000
  • ‘Art Today’, New Delhi                   2001  
  • Soulkary Art Exhibition, Mumbai       2001
  • Yashwantrao Chavan Art Gallery, Pune       2002
  • ‘Contemporary Art’ Blue Diamond, Pune       2002
  • Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai Exhibition at Sun & Sand, Pune 2004
  • Hussen 88 Art Exhibition at Pune       2005
  • Painting Exhibition by Nag Foundation, Pune 2005,07
  • India Art Exhibition at Pune 2007,08
  • Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai 2007,08
  • Museum Art Gallery, Mumbai       2008
  • Arvee art gallery ,aundh ,pune                2008
  • Art & soul Artmosaic gallery, Singapore 2008
  • Art exhibition at Goa    2008
  • Artland exhibition at mumbai                                2008
  • Gandhi art foundation , pune       2015
  • Mistikstroks in pune       2016
  • Art exhibition at Goa 2018
  • Darpan Art gallery Pune       2019
  • 24k Glitaritty Pune       2019
  • ArtPresent art gallery       2021
  • Run Art gallery, FRANCE       2021

ARTIST WORKSHOP:                      

  • National Center for The Performing Art (N.C.P.A.),Mumbai 1994
  • Art Plaza Group Camp, Mumbai       1995
  • Pradarshak Art Gallery 2nd Artist Camp ”Butterfly”,Mumbai 1996
  • Rashtriya Lalit Kala Kendra, Bhuban     
  • From 25th May to 20th June       1997
  • Chitari Academy Artist Camp, Pune         2003,04,05
  • At SNDT Vidyapith host by Camlin Art Pune       2006
  • Lalit Kala Academy National Artist Workshop, Chennai,

      at Lonvala(MH)                                                                      2007                                       


  • Aditya Art Gallery, Sangli       1993
  • Plaza Art Gallery, Mumbai       1994
  • Rashtriya Lalit Kala Kendra, Bhubaneshwar (Orissa)          1995
  • College of Art &Craft Khalikot (Orissa)       1995
  • Gallery Town & Country. “Different Strokes” Pune 1996&97
  • Art Innate Gallery, Holiday Inn, Pune       1998
  • Harmony at Balgandharva Art Gallery, Pune                        1999
  • Painting Exhibition Gallery Holiday Inn, Pune Apr2000
  • Painting Exhibition Gallery Holiday Inn, Pune Oct2000
  • Painting Exhibition Gallery Holiday Inn, Pune       2001
  • Exhibition of Painting & Sculpture

at Balgandharva Art Gallery, Pune                                        2002

  • Exhibition of Painting by Nag Foundation Pune       2004
  • India Art Gallery Group Exhibition,Pune       2005
  • Rudraksha Art Gallery Pune       2005
  • Jahangir Art Gallery , Mumbai       2007
  • Art preview shows, pune                      2008,09,10,11
  • Misticstroks ,pune   2007,08,09,10,11             
  • Cidar art gallery ,pune         2012
  • Renysans art gallery, pune 2012
  • Art exhibition at Nilaya, Pune                             2012
  • The gallery, delhi  2012
  • Renaysans Art gallery, Pune        2013
  • Brash stroks art gallery, Pune.        2013


  • Portrait Demonstration at Lalit Kala Kendra, Bhubaneshwar1995
  • Slide Show & demo. at Art Teacher Training Dept

                                   Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya Pune                                        1997

  • Portrait Demonstration at Mudra Art Foundation Mumbai 1997
  • Painting Demonstration in Pune Festival

      at Balgandharva, Pune                                                           1997

  • Bharti Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune `       2000
  • Portrait Demonstration at

      Appasaheb Kadadichitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Solapur         2000

  • Water Colour Portrait Demonstration( Kalyani Nagar)Pune 2001
  • Lokmanya Tilak/ V. V. Oak Demonstration of

Oil Composition at Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune                     2002

  • Water Colour Portrait Demonstration

at Symbiosis College of Art Pune                                          2002

  • Chitari Academy Workshop, Composition Demonstration 2003
  • Lokmanya Tilak / V. V. Oak Demonstration of Acrylic Colour

at Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune                                                 2004

  • Water Colour Portrait Demonstration

Sahiyadri School of Art at Lonavala                                        2006

  • Imgination Roof, Bhosle Ngar, Pune        2019


                                         Camlin Art Foundation School Level National Drawing

                                         Competition, Mumbai                                                               2003

                                         Engineering college of pune, Genies world record   Pune    2008

     Lokmanya Tilak / V. V. Oak national level competition

                                         at Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune                                                  2008

                                        Several Art Competitions


  • Group Painting 70X4 fit. Support for
  • Film Institute of Pune   2001
  • SAVE HILLS Group Painting 40X5 fit. Support

for Special at Vetal Tekdi Pune                                               2003

  • SAVE HILLS Group Painting 40X5 fit. Support

for Special at Impress Garden, Pune                                      2003

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