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Pankaj Saroj

Pankaj Saroj

Joined Craft Tatva: December 2022

I have a serious fascination for nature so much so that all my time is spent with nature or painting various facets of nature. I spent a major portion of my childhood in solan I remember myself being fascinated with vast mountains, deep valleys and a splendid palette of colorful skies. In fact, the areas I have traveled to have also seriously influenced my painting, my style of work, and the richness of my color palette – Leh, Manali, Shimla, and Kinnaur to name a few.  Every time I paint, I try to learn, improve my skill and capture something that does not constitute only visual meaning but eternal bliss which is synonymous with my feeling for the subject of landscape. I want to travel more and study the landscape in its varied aspects – wild, untamed, and beautiful at the same time. I have been dedicated to working on the same subject over the past years and nothing deviates me to follow my passion for landscape.

Focus Areas: Figures, Animals, etc.

Artworks by Pankaj Saroj

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