Acrylic Painitngs

Papiya Chakraborty

Artist Papiya Chakraborty

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2021

Whatever we feel and see around us are a part of the beauty of nature which is the greatest gift of God. It seems that nature itself is a beautiful painting whose colours always change through day and night and also with seasons. Each and every element of nature is wonderful and truely reflect the wisdom and beauty of nature. Instead of emerging in artificial things we can enjoy the beauty of nature when we see it, hear it and feel it silently.

Focus Areas: Woman, Nature, etc.

Artworks by Papiya Chakraborty

About Papiya Chakraborty

Born – 15/07/1988

Education – Master degree in English (2014) Certificate in Visual Art Painting (2018)

Exhibitions –

ICCR (Bengal Art Gallery) Kolkata (March,2019)

RANGIYE DIYE JAO by Line N Colour Artist Circle Group at Gaganendra Shilpa Pradarsha Shala, Kolkata (March,2019)

EXPRESSION by Access Art Zone at Gandhi Art Gallery, New Delhi (July, 2019)

KALAA SPANDAN ART FAIR by Indian Art Promoter at Nehru Centre, Mumbai (November,2019

EMERGING INDIAN ARTISTS by Kalanirvana at Joyess Art Gallery, Hyderabad (November,2019)

ART FIESTA by Traditional Art Promotional Society in associatio Shilpgram (Jawahar Kala Kendra), Jaipur (December,2019)

with The Art Bourse at SWAGATAM, Group Art Exhibition by Agnipath at K T Kala, Amritsar (January,2020)

ARTVERSE ART EXHIBITIONat Gallery Gold, Kolkata (February,2020)

International Art Exhibition by Colour Wings at ICCR, Kolkata (February,2020)

KOLKATA ART FAIR by Indian Art Gallery at ICCR, Kolkata (March,2020)

Awards –

Golden Brush Award, Silver Award ( 2 times ), Kala Rattan Award, Gold Award, ( 3 times ), Special Jury Award, Artist of the Year 2020 Award, Bronze Award

Published Paintings –

Dainik Bhaskar (Newspaper), Sadinama (Daily Bulletin) , Culture Flash (Magazine) Art O Model Potrika (Newspaper), Cultural Reverence (Magazine)
Participated in so many online exhibitions and competitions.

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