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Paramita Chowdhury

Artist Paramita Chowdhury

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2022

Paramita started to express herself through art during her school days. Though she did BTech. In computers but her Jr. Diploma inFine Art in her school days reminded her to pick brushes again after becoming mother. Fortunate to live in Kolkata, Mumbai, Gurgaon and currently in Thane Paramita could connect with different cultures of India. She explored her emotion through spirituality and art both go hand in hand. She makes paintings with bright and vibrant colors which uplift people's life immediately. She puts conscious efforts to capture the joyful emotions of women and couples to follow their life ahead towards positivity. She has taken part in physical exhibitions and live painting events in Gurgaon and Delhi in 2016.

Focus Areas: Figures

Artworks by Paramita Chowdhury

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