Still Life Paintings

Parimal Vaghela

Artist Parimal Vaghela

Joined Craft Tatva: June 2021

Appreciation and enjoyment of my paintings are aesthetic rather than intellectual. I am not concerned with what my paintings would mean, it is not an intellectual operation.I have nothing to say about my paintings. It doesn't have any philosophy, advice or any message to convey. My paintings are just a visual excitement created by the form, composition and implication of light and shades. I want to create some emotional attachment with the beholder with the help of the objects, situation or composition of my paintings.Painting for me is a journey, a journey at times laborious journey in learning, and I enjoy striving for the excellence.

Focus Areas: Still Life, Objects, etc

Artworks by Parimal Vaghela

About Parimal Vaghela


Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai.1998

Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai.2003

Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai.2010

Nehru Center Art Gallery.Mumbai.1999

Pradarshak Art Gallery,Mumbai.1999

Pradarshak Art Gallery,Mumbai.2001

Leela Art Gallery,Mumbai.2002


Mahalsa Art Gallery,Mumbai.1998

Art Entrance Gallery, Mumbai. 2012

Kala Academy, Goa. 2017

Mantra Art Gallery, Ahmedabad, 2013



Group Shows:

1. Artgate, Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2013

2. Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai. 2016

3. Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2018

4, RMZ Foundation Art Gallery, Bangalore. 2020.

5, Musium of Goa. 2020.

6, Cymroza Art Gallery. 2019.

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