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Parshotam Singh

Artist Parshotam Singh

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

Born in 1933 at Khaour district (Pakistan), Parshotam Singh is specifically known for his musician series. With his intrinsic knowledge of the myriad moods of Indian classical music and lyrical depiction of the various tones and undertones of the spirit of music, Parshotam Singh was in a league of his own. He also met well known artists of sixties and seventies, eighties and nineties. His closeness with figurative artist like Almelker, Jyoti mathur, Hussain etc further nurtured his work and creativity.Parshotam Singh’s musical series become his identity for whole life. The artist, by painting both male and female musicians has produced some very fine canvases that are a visual delight. Sarod, sitar players are deeply absorbed in their music creation and soul wrenching effort to bring out what would sway and absorb other souls in the creative activity. These moving images have marked the emotive quality of Singh’s works. And by looking at his works, one can feel the kind of sadhna and dedication that goes in the pursuit of music. Such is the power of his works that he manages to paint the soul of the musician.

Focus Areas: Contemporary, Figures, etc.

Artworks by Parshotam Singh

About Parshotam Singh

Born in 1933, Khaour Distt. Attack (Pakistan)
Basic education Tarn Taran Distt. Amritsar (Punjab) Interest in painting since childhood

S. G. Thakur Singh and G.S. Sohan Singh the eminent Indian artists.

STUDY UNDER: Guram Dass, Adhi artist, Gurcharn Singh, Sewa Ram, S.N. Pandit thakur Purushottam Singh, Ustad Zahiruddin and Jyoti Mathur.

(VETERAN ARTIST) by all India art and craft society New Delhi.

Founder member “TRIA artists association” Agra. Founder president “SANKALP art society” Agra.


Illustrations many “Shastra” books of “Jainism” philosophy, video cassette Jain “Bhaktamar Stotra Maha Mantra.” Illustrations convert in video and telecast on Jain TV channel.


1975, 76 77: Solo show in Rothman art gallery New Jersey U.S.A
1966, 67, 68, 70: Solo show in Jyoti art gallery Agra.
1973, 74, 75, 76: Solo show in Shilpa art gallery.
2002: “Sur Sadhana” Solo show in Magpie complex Faridabad.
2002, 2003, 2004: “Different Moods” solo show Family art gallery New Delhi.

1997: “Glimpses of history of contemporary Indian art” group show in Dhoomimal Art complex New Delhi.
2001: “Millennium” group show in Dhoomimal art gallery New Delhi.
2002: “Ravi Jain Memorial” group show in Dhoomimal art gallery New Delhi
2002: “Sath Sath” family of six artists group show in Family art gallery New Delhi.
2003: “A journey to the past, through the present, unto the future” group show in Dhoomimal art complex New Delhi
2003: “Ravi Jain memorial” eleven leading artists of Delhi group show in Dhoomimal art gallery New Delhi
2003: “Non figurative” group show in Dhoomimal art gallery New Delhi.
2004: “The six” family of six artists group show in Shanta art gallery New Delhi.
2004: “Flow of Spirit” family of five artists group show in palm court gallery New Delhi.
2005: “Ravi Jain annual” group show Dhoomimal art complex New Delhi
2006: “Ravi Jain annual 2006” in Dhoomimal art complex New Delhi
2006: “Eighty artists” group show by chawla art gallery in hotel Maurya Sheraton New Delhi
2006: “Six Strokes” Family of six artists group show in Nehru center art gallery Mumbai.
2006: “Again Together Again” Family of six artists group show in lalit kala academy New Delhi.
2006: “Appreciable Art” group show in Visual art gallery India habitat center NewDelhi
2007: “Colors of hope” A charity art auction in Dhoomimal art gallery New Delhi.
2007: Group show of above sixty years artists in AIFACS gallery New Delhi.
2009: “The Essence II” group show of drawings in visual art gallery New Delhi.
2010 Group show during the commonwealth games in Taj mahal Agra.
2010 Group show of selected artists in hotel surya by Dhoomomal art gallery New Delhi
2012 Veteran artist group show by AIFACS New Delhi

1987-91 “Kala Mela” New Delhi
“Annual show” L.K.A. New Delhi

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