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Pinki Ray Ghosh

Pinki Ray Ghosh

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

About artist: I’m self- made artist, and the series of work presented is the output of my exploration through all these years. By education and profession I’m a lawyer . But very soon I discovered that art is my real passion and serves a big purpose in my life. As mentioned in my above statement, my art works are based on women and nature and I am exploring my link and connection with nature along with the meaning of life and beyond it. My presentation is available in abstract and semi- abstract forms which I’ve always enjoyed and hopefully you do too. View complete profile

Focus Areas: Spiritual, Figures, etc.

Artworks by Pinki Ray Ghosh

About Pinki Ray Ghosh

Artist statement-

Our Indian culture and tradition is widely inspired by nature it connects us to our cultural , philosophical and ethical system. According to our Mythological scripture Women along with nature , are one of the oldest narration and most powerful figure to exist. My art works does are not simply include trees or women but it also plays a very significant role in finding each individual’s inner peace and to help one to be guided along by the spiritual eye. Through my art work I try to make a sincere connection between man, nature and the almighty divine and supreme energy.

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