Original Paintings

Pooja Agarwal

Artist Pooja Agarwal

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

Pooja is a budding canvas artist from Surat, who harbors a passion for design and a spectacular sense of aesthetics. She picked up the paint brush during the lockdown in 2020 and has not wanted to put it down ever since. She enjoys expressing human sentiments and forms of nature by beautifully harmonizing colors and curves, and has managed to create a range of unique artwork in a short span of time. Being an alumna of PEARL Academy, Jaipur and a successful entrepreneur in the field of fashion further cements her footing as an artist. Pooja finds beauty in the basic idea that every space is a cradle of conversations and emotions, and our artwork reflects the same. Our canvases try to express the rawness of relationships in a refined manner through striking figures and colour schemes, thus augmenting the appeal of a space by creating a climate of love and positive energy.

Focus Areas: Figures, Abstracts, etc.

Artworks by Pooja Agarwal

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